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MAAT concludes the second UPR Convoy in the Red Sea

MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights concluded on Sunday, a meeting with civil work organizations, executive leaders and media professionals in the Red Sea, the meeting organized in cooperation with the Justice Foundation for Human Rights at Egypt Public Library hosted: director of the Social Solidarity Directorate in the Red Sea, President of the Bar in the governorate, and a selection of media professionals, human rights activists and natural leaders in the governorate, along with representatives for 20 local NGOs.

An interactive discussion took place during the meeting on the UPR definition, the importance of civil organizations work in the governorate, the challenges facing their work, the most pressing issues for civil society work, in addition to discussing how to link between the UPR recommendations and advancing development efforts in the governorate. As well as tackling MAAT’s role in advocating to solve the problems observed during the organized convoys to border governorates and the most marginalized villages.

Ayman Okeil, president at MAAT confirmed that: “the Foundation has been working in human rights since 2005, without any ideological or political biases, adding that the Foundation is working legitimately from a national perspective, its funding sources are public and legitimate. Still, the Foundation is facing challenges due to the nature of its work, including the negative aspects of working in human rights field in Egypt.”

In the same context, MAAT Foundation organized a seminar on Saturday, 28th of May 2016, at Mobarak Youth Center located in Al-Qusayr city, in cooperation with the Specific Union for Women in the Red Sea, the seminar was attended by local civil work organizations, executive, youth and women leaders in the governorate.

The seminar addressed the UPR basic information, the organizations role in supporting the state to fulfill its international obligations, as well as the governorate problems and how to address them.

“The UPR Convoys” is an innovative package of integrated field activities through which MAAT Foundation, team members and experts visit a selection of the developmentally underprivileged governorates and areas such as: the New Valley, North Sinai, and South Red Sea, where the visits include meetings with different stakeholders such as civil work organizations, media professionals, local authorities, and natural and religious leaders.

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