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MAAT concludes the second training workshop for media professionals in the Red Sea

MAAT concludes the second training workshop for media professionals in the Red Sea

Media and civil society are the link between the citizen and the state

The trainees: “we have to work on a Freedom of Information Act in Egypt”

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights concluded  the second training workshop for media workers in  north and south Upper Egypt governorates, which was implemented in the framework of the first phase of the program “Strengthening the skills of media workers on  the media coverage of the Universal Periodic Review”, on Tuesday 31st May  2016.

It is worth mentioning that the training program is one of the Capacity Building components of “the Universal Periodic Review as a tool to enhance public policy during the transitional period” project,  which  is implemented by the foundation and  funded by the European Union during two years  which began  on January 2016. The training program targets 100 media workers who work on cases related to human rights from all the governorates of the Republic, and this is through 8 training workshops divided on two phases during 2016-2017.

The training program seeks to provide the media workers the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to understand the mechanisms of protection of human rights in general and the Universal Periodic Review mechanism in particular, as well as to equip them with the necessary knowledge related to the improvement of the public policies based on human rights standards and obligations of the state in front of the Universal Periodic Review mechanism, also skills to implement  media campaigns and write media reports related to observing and following  the implementation of the recommendations.

The trainees were assigned to implement media campaigns to cover UPR relative issues and to follow up Egypt implementation to its international commitments in Upper Egypt governorates, in this context, the participating media professionals in the training workshop adopted relative issues to economic and social rights and women rights to work on during the period separating the two phases of the training program, especially when most of the challenges facing Upper Egypt are closely related to this package of rights, those media reports shall be presented during the second phase of the raining in November 2016. And in order to enable them to practice their work freely and adequately, the media figures demanded working on the issuance of a Freedom of Information Act in Egypt.

The trainees recommended to make the best use of their media portals via focusing on relative issues to the universal periodic review and the recommendations adopted by Egypt in March 2015, where media could have a tangible role in raising the public awareness of the UPR and the international conventions ratified by Egypt.

The media professionals also confirmed on the necessity for the media and civil society organizations to complete each other to improve human rights situation in Egypt via following and supporting the state to adhere to its international commitments.

The project, which started in January 2016, seeks  to strengthen the role of the Universal Periodic Review to enhance public policies and human rights reforms during the transitional phase in Egypt through the involvement of civil society organizations, activists and media effectively in the follow-up and  call for  essential reforms for Human Rights and the adoption of new policies in line with international human rights standards based on the Universal Periodic Review in 2014

More updated news about the activities of the project is available on the following link: www.fb.com/UPR.Egypt2016

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