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MAAT presents its amendments to the Labor Law for community dialogue

MAAT presents its amendments to the Labor Law for community dialogue

“Periodic ministerial decisions to protect the children and working women in dangerous professions, consistency between the Law and Egypt’s international commitments, and balance between workers rights and business owners interests” are the leading recommendations


On the occasion of the Parliament’s Manpower Committee conclusion to the discussion of the amendments on the Labor Law number 12 of 2003, and the community dialogue sessions currently conducted by the parliament to present and discuss those amendments with different stakeholders, MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rightsconducted a hearing session on “the labor law no. 12 of 2003” draft, on Sunday, 11 June 2017, with the participation of a wide group of MPs, representatives of the Ministries of Manpower and Social Solidarity, political parties representatives, academics, representatives of unions and trade unions, media professionals and civil work leaders.

The fifth hearing session for the “Universal Periodic Review as a Tool to Enhance Public Policy During the Transitional Period” project, in the context of the Foundation’s efforts to provide a group of solutions and alternatives on the policies level consistent with the 2014 UPR recommendations, as part of the project activities funded by the European Union during 2016-2017, with the aim of adopting a set of public policies consistent with Egypt’s international obligations especially the UPR recommendations 2014.

The most significant amendments addressed by the draft presented by the “Policy Analysis Unit and Human Rights”, included issues and articles linked to the inclusion of the domestic service workers in the new law’s umbrella, amendment of the relative articles to the workers vacations, stiffening penalties in negative discrimination against working women, the minister’s specification of the situations where women could not be forced on working during the night, as well as the harmful works for women and that which women should not be forced to work in, increasing the number of maternity leave along with giving the father a leave in the cases where the mother is unable to care for the new child, establishment or availing nurseries by business owners for the female workers, stiffening penalties in the cases of sexual harassment by business owners, prohibiting child labor under 15 years old with stiffening penalties on the violation of child law, increasing the quota for employing people with disabilities in business institutions, and providing complete pensions for the workers whom finish their sick leaves before ending their contracts.

The articles were carefully discussed by the attendees in the hearing session, which based on proposals by the Foundation to balance between the workers’ rights and business owners from one side, and some legislative procedures to protect special groups in the labor law from another side, where the session stressed on the necessity for the law to be consistent with the internal regulations concerning the organization of vacations without affecting the work, for the concerned minister to issue periodic  ministerial decrees not to force women to work in dangerous professions including medicine and painting manufacturing, , etc, for the concerned minister to issue a ministerial decree specifying the child works along with a new article punishing the child law abusers concerning child labor, and the fact that the lack of accurate numbers for the people with disabilities, lack of rehabilitation, lack of the accurate numbers for the people with disabilities in the working age are considered reasons for lack of inclusion.

It is worth mentioning that the representatives of the Manpower Ministry stated that the Ministry conducted numerous hearing sessions on the Law since 2014 where many amendments were done in favor of the workers.



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