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Maat holds the first community dialogue session to discuss Egypt’s recommendations.

In the presence of the parliaments, the representatives of National Council of Woman, and Civil Society Organizations…. Maat holds the first community dialogue session to discuss Egypt’s recommendations.

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights held its first session of the community dialogue, entitled “Combating violence against women and empowering them” this came as part of the Association’s initiative to hold a number of dialogue sessions in the governorates of the Republic. In order to discuss the recommendations submitted to Egypt in the framework of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). As well as to assess the achieved progress by the Egyptian government to implement its international commitment.

This session, which was attended by a representative of the parliament, representative of the national council of women, some of civil society representatives, and journalists aimed to discuss the recommendations that were approved by Egyptian government to enhance women rights, working on empowerment women, and combating the carried out violence against her.

Mr. Ayman Okiel, the general director of Maat, stated that the meetings were aimed at reaching a number of recommendations and ideas that could construct a base to be built upon during the course of  preparing the report, of which will be presented on behalf of the Egyptian Coalition for the Universal Periodic Review to the HRC  in March, 2019.

Ms. Mona Monier, member of the parliament emphasized that the parliament has passed a number of legislations that promote the rights of women such as the inheritance law, as well as the intensification of the FGM penalty. Hence more, she emphasized that the parliament is discussing a number of other bills, such as the personal status law, violence against women, and criminalizing early marriage.

Mr. Nabil Samuel, representative of the National Council for Women, emphasized that the past four years have witnessed several steps that were taken by the Executive Authority,  and aimed to advance the situation of Egyptian women, started with the 2014 Constitution, which promoted fairness for women. Moreover, a national strategy has been devised to empower women, 2017 has been chosen as a year for women, the current parliament has the largest representation of women, a quarter of government members are women, with 8 female ministers in the terms of numbers, and for the first time a woman was appointed as a governor.

Sherief Abd Elhamid, manager of UN mechanisms unit in Maat, stated that there were 59 recommendations submitted to Egypt concerning women, of which were concentrating on reviewing the reservations they have already made to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, enhancing efforts to empower them in the economic, social and health fields, improving the women position in society, and the promotion of gender equality.

Furthermore, some of the participants added, although issuing a number of laws and resolutions to enhance women’s rights, still, the absence of execution mechanism stands as an obstacle to executing these recommendations. Also participants concluded some recommendations, as producing outreach campaign to change woman stereotype, establishing a protection program to whom affected of harassment, presence of police stations in all governorates to receive violation complains against women, beside the importance of establishment Anti-Discrimination National Commission.

It is worth mentioning that the Egypt’s human rights file will be discussed for the third time before the Human Rights Council in 2019 under the Universal Periodic Review, whereby all countries of the world are subject to this review every four and a half years without exception.



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