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Maat completes its preparations for the 40th session

Maat completes its preparations for the 40th session

Protecting Human rights in the context of combating terrorism is the priority of Maat

Okeil: A bulletin on the work of the Council will be published daily, in coordination between the mission in Geneva and the Association’s team in Cairo

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights has completed its preparations for the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council, which will take place from 25 February to 22 March 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. This comes in the context of the Association’s working program, which has been implemented since 2009 to enhance communication with international mechanisms in order to play an effective role in protecting human rights. Hence, the work of Maat take place in a participatory framework with all governmental, non-governmental and other international parties.

Ayman Okeil, the General Director of Maat for peace, and the head of the delegation participating in the activities of the session, said that the international mechanisms unit at Maat has completed all logistic, coordination and technical arrangements in order to discuss the issues related to the human rights situation, which will be discussed by the Council through its official sessions and parallel side events. Hence, this includes written and oral interventions, parallel activities and an agenda of interviews with United Nations officials, experts, stakeholders, official missions and other civil society organizations.

Furthermore, Mr Okeil pointed out that there is a coordination with a number of experts and partner organizations to conduct some side events involving the issues of the Universal Periodic Review of Egypt, where Egypt will be subjected to in November 2019. While, the deadline of accepting reports from civil society organizations is in March. Okeil also declared that the Association will present its report on the extent to which Egypt’s committed to fulfill the recommendations, of which it accepted partially or fully in March 2015.

Moreover, Okeil also said that the Association will hold parallel side events to discuss the respect for human rights in the context of combating terrorism and the impact of foreign military interventions on the human rights situation in the region. He also revealed that the Association has prepared a comprehensive analysis of these two issues of high risk through which it adopts an integrated approach to address the International UN system.

It is worth mentioning, that Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights participated in all the international UN events held in 2018. Consequently, it issued a report, the first of its kind, on the human rights situation in the Arab region from the perspective of the international mechanisms for protecting human rights.

Maat is currently the North African Coordinator of the Non governmental organizations Major Group for Africa as well as being a member of the third General Assembly of the AU Economic, Social and Cultural Council, along with being the chairman of the International Alliance for Peace and Development, which include European, Arab and African organizations.

Furthermore, Okeil revealed that the Association will issue a daily bulletin on the activities of the Council to assist the Arab and Egyptian reader to easily follow up all the session’s activities, its results and decisions as well as the activities of the involved parties. Hence, this publication will be prepared by two parallel teams working in an integrated manner from Geneva and Cairo at the same time to ensure reliable information and factual analysis of the work of the Council.

In the same context, Maat Association will provide journalists, media professionals, Egyptian and Arab civil society organizations, researchers and decision makers with periodic information on the nature of their written and oral interventions during the official sessions of the Council. Whereas, the Association will be announcing its outstanding contributions in this regard, which can be followed up through its website as well as its pages on the social media platforms, and you can also follow the session’s Hashtag. Kindly, find them all bellow;
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