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Turkey practices persecution and repression against the Kurds

Turkey practices persecution and repression against the Kurds

Myanmar practices killing, displacement and detention against Rohingya Muslims

Okeil: Calling for strict measures to save religious minorities

   Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights presented a report on committed violations against religious minorities concurrently with the 40th session of HRC and the presentation of Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief’s report. All that comes in order to take serious and strict measures to save these religious minorities from what facing as the outright violations of all international human rights instruments and human rights.

   Okeil explained that the inhuman crimes committed by the Myanmar Government against the Rohingya Muslims have shaken the whole world. Myanmar’s successive governments have consistently maintained that the Myanmar Muslims are not actually an ethnic group. They are considered as in Bangladeshi migrants. As a result, they are not included as an indigenous group in the Constitution of Myanmar. The Buddhists practice all kinds of torture against the Rohingya Muslims, resort to evil ways of killing them, and consider their liquidation a religious duty in the first place.

   Okeil also called on the Human Rights Council to pressure on the government of Myanmar to stop the killings, displacement and detention against the Rohingya Muslims. And, to bring the perpetrators of genocide against the Rohingya Muslims from government officials, groups or individuals to trial.

   The report asserted that Russia considered as a special case. It doesn’t only practice repression of religious freedom since the Soviet era, but it also considers any religious activity a threat to social and political stability. Russian policies toward Muslims are range from administrative harassment to imprisonment and extrajudicial killings. Maat demands the Russian government to keep on the rights of minorities on its territory.

   Moreover, the report stressed that Turkey has practiced persecution and repression against some religious minorities inside it, especially the Kurds. The Turkish government deals the Kurds with repression and detention. As well, it has mobilized its military forces on the border with Syria, before Kurdish areas. Turkey has taken the Kurds as a cover for its military intervention in Syria. Hence, Maat urges the international community to pressure on the Turkish government to stop the persecution and dealing inhumanly with the Kurdish minority inside and outside, in its attempt to annihilate the entire Kurdish people.



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