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On International Mines Awareness Day

On International Mines Awareness Day

The mines of the Houthi militias are killing Yemenis

Okeil Calls for international investigations and holding those who are responsible for war crimes accountable.

On April 4, the world celebrates International Mines Awareness Day and assists in the work on its removal. While, at the same time as the United Nations and international mine-interested organizations are calling for continued efforts to eliminate mines and stop their use during conflicts, the Houthi militias are still constantly using mines that are killing hundreds of Yemenis.

This international occasion comes as Yemenis continue to suffer from the problems of war and the consequences of mines and missiles in many Yemeni governorates, in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law. The Houthi militias, which orchestrated a coup against legitimacy in 2014, have indiscriminately planted landmines in a large number of Yemeni governorates, after acquiring the state stockpiles of mines.

In the province of Hodeidah alone, they planted 37 minefields in 251 areas where 32,969 people have died. In 2018, 56 people, including 20 children and 8 women, were killed and 31 injured, including 9 children, all because of mines.

On February 21, 2018, six people were killed, all from one family, as a result of a minefield between the two departments of Hiss – Jarrah. Also, the spread of minefields caused the destruction of many industrial, commercial and governmental facilities. An official in the Yemeni army in the province of Shabwa, has stated that the mine action units have extracted more than 2000 mines in an area does not exceed 5 km square.

In this context, Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights strongly condemns the continued planting of mines and crimes against humanity by Houthi militias, and calls upon the international community to urgently review the shameful attacks of recent years. Maat also demands the need for transparent international investigations to identify those responsible for war crimes by the Houthis, who are supported by the Iranian regime and ensure that those involved are well punished.



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