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A study by Maat reveals the truth about the Turkish aid in the Horn of Africa

“Humanitarian aid … Turkey’s way to incursion into the Horn of Africa”

A study by Maat reveals the truth about the Turkish aid in the Horn of Africa

Policy Analysis Unit of Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights has conducted a study entitled “Humanitarian aid… Turkey’s way to incursion into the Horn of Africa.” The study attempts to shed light on one of the most important issues that occupy the public opinion in the African continent concerning the Turkish incursion into the Horn of Africa through the exploitation of humanitarian aid, in order to achieve political and economic objectives and achievements at the expense of the humanitarian dimensions themselves. The Horn of Africa has been targeted as it is Turkey’s starting point for further incursion into the continent.

Ahmed Salah, Senior Researcher at Maat, indicates that the study reveals the vulnerability of African countries to the depletion and exploitation of their wealth during periods of occupation that lasted for decades, and once these countries entered a period of convalescence, other countries have adopted a new type of occupation, through the use of humanitarian aid to achieve the same ambitions and more, under the guise of providing aid and relief, and other humanitarian assistance. Turkey came among a number of countries that have turned their attention to the Horn of Africa as a starting point for strengthening their presence on the African continent as a whole.

Salah points out that the study reveals the tools used by Turkey to achieve the spread and expansion on Africa under the cover of humanitarian aid, especially governmental and non-governmental charities, through which Ankara seeks to formalize the presence of the Turkish government in these countries, whose importance has been noted by many countries around the world, especially with regard to navigation in the Red Sea region, as well as exploitation of the natural resources enjoyed by these countries.

Salah also points out that the study highlights the gains made by Ankara within the Horn of Africa countries, especially inside Somalia and Djibouti. The study also reveals the agreements that Turkey has succeeded to enter into as a result of the expansion and spread within these countries to achieve the greatest possible benefit on all political, military and economic levels. He stresses that Ankara will work in the coming period to expand the exploitation of its various tools, especially humanitarian organizations and charities, in order to spread and expand in all regions of the Horn of Africa and the gradation of further incursion into the entire continent, because there are many opportunities open to Turkey for political, economic and military gains and increase its influence on the continent as a whole according to its expansionist plan, through this kind of assistance, which are only the seeds of this scheme.


المساعدات الإنسانية.. طريق تركيا للتوغل في القرن الإفريقي



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