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Maat – State institutions should be supported during their war against terrorism

Maat – State institutions should be supported during their war against terrorism.

Okeil: Terrorism violates the right of Egyptians to life and personal security

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights Associations condemns the terrorist attack that targeted checkpoint in the west of Arish on Wednesday 5-6-2019. The attack left one police officer, a noncommissioned officer and six conscripts dead, while five armed terrorists were killed during battling them by the army right after the attack.

The Association expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs of the brutal terrorist attack, which is aimed at undermining the security of the homeland and the stability of its citizens. The Association affirms its solidarity and full support to the State institutions during its war against terrorism in defense of the homeland and the preservation of its territorial integrity. Terrorist crimes constitute a blatant violation against the Egyptians right to which is guaranteed by the international human rights instruments and provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From his side, Mr. Ayman Okeil, President of the Maat for Peace, called on the international community to stand by the Egyptian state in its war against terrorism, based on the UN strategy to combat terrorism, which condemns terrorism in all its forms, whoever committed it and wherever and for whatever purposes which threats to international peace and security. He also stated that the terrorist operations in the Sinai constitute a clear threat to and violation of a fundamental human right, namely, the right to personal security and stable life in violation of international conventions and charters of human rights.

The Association confirms that terrorism has no homeland, no religion, and the best proof of this is the terrorist attacks that have been exposed to more than one country during the last few years, including countries that claim to be democratic countries and respect human rights.

Maat for Peace calls upon all countries of the world and the United Nations to unite in solidarity against terrorism and its supporting and sponsoring countries, which provide them with safe haven and media platforms, provide them with logistical and information support and training, As well Maat urges the international institutions to investigate with accuracy, objectivity and  neutrality the rights and freedoms in Egypt, specially in Sinai.



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