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A Human Rights Seminar in Geneva Reviews the Human Rights Situation in Yemen

  A Human Rights Seminar in Geneva Reviews the Human Rights Situation in Yemen

Okeil: The Houthis commit violations amounting to war crimes

Al-Gharati: Torture and abduction are widespread in areas under Houthi control

Fakhri al-Nasser: Those involved in war crimes in Yemen must be held accountable

 Eslam Fawki: Justice remains elusive in Yemen

Partners for Transparency, in cooperation with Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights, organized a seminar on the human rights situation in Yemen, on the sidelines of the 42nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, which began in September.

The seminar highlighted violations by the Houthi militia in Yemen during the past five years of conflict. Ayman Okeil, President of Maat, said that the Houthi forces are committing brutal violations against Yemenis amounting to war crimes. During the seminar, Okeil described the report of the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen as weak in terms of methodology and lacks authenticated sources.

Murad al-Gharati, member of the International Alliance for Peace and Development, noted that there have been massive violations committed by the Houthi militia against civilians, which relate to health and education, as well as increased bombing, sniping and other human rights violations. In addition to the widespread of torture, abductions and enforced disappearances are. “The Houthi militia has arrested more than 300 women in the last three years”, he said. Some 288 women remain in prison in poor conditions of detention.

Islam Fawki, Policy Analysis Unit Manager at Maat, pointed out that the statistics reached by Maat over the last four years show that the Houthis have committed more than 20,000 cases of abuse against women in Yemen, including murder, injury, physical assault and violence, particularly in cities and areas controlled by the Houthi militia. He added that Justice remains elusive in Yemen amid the persistence of gross human rights violations, including enforced disappearance, torture and other ill-treatment that amount to war crimes.

Yemeni activist Arwa Khattabi added that women in Yemen face several violations by the Houthi militia; violence against women has increased alarmingly, especially in the absence of state institutions and protection and community awareness organizations in areas controlled by the Houthis.

Mr. Fakhri al-Nasser, International Arbitrator and Secretary of the Human Rights Commission of the German International Organization for Development and Peace, called upon the international community to establish a war crimes tribunal in Yemen, similar to the Rwanda and Yugoslavia tribunals. He also called for working to resolve Yemen’s crisis, cease fighting, deliver humanitarian aid to those who deserve it, and hold those responsible for those crimes accountable.



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