call for proposal – MAAT mid-term evaluation

Dear Consultant,

‘Call for proposal’

The Drosos Foundation is calling for technical and financial proposals from project evaluation consultants to conduct a mid-term project evaluation for an Egyptian partner NGO.

Drosos and the partner NGO will use the mid-term project evaluation to assess where the project stands and to develop recommendations for future programming and planning. The consultant will facilitate and conduct the process of the mid-term project evaluation including participants from the NGO, implementing partners, beneficiaries, relevant stakeholders and Drosos. She/he will ensure that the evaluation applies a participatory approach that engages various relevant stakeholders in all stages of the evaluation. The applicant consultant may propose an  appropriate multi-disciplinary team if needed to carry out the evaluation. The applicant consultant must have proven experience in conducting project evaluations for NGOs. S/he has to be fluent in both English and Arabic languages.

Please note that the detailed TOR for this assignment is attached herewith. For those who are interested, please send your technical and financial proposals to Ashraf Eid, Drosos Project Manager at [email protected] and Walaa Gad El Kareem, MAAT Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at [email protected]

Please note that the deadline for submitting the technical and financial proposals is Thursday, September 19, 2013.

Thank you, looking forward to receiving your proposal,

Best Regards,

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