MAAT concludes its training program for e-media activists on following-up the UPR recommendations

The second training workshop for e-media activists

MAAT concludes its training program for e-media activists on following-up the UPR recommendations

MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights concluded its training program addressed to online media activists with the second training workshop, hosting 25 bloggers and online media activists, aand conducted in Cairo on 20 October 2016.

While the “Promoting Online Media Activists on the UPR Media Coverage” training program, targeted 50 online media activists working on human rights issues via two training workshops implemented in August-October 2016. And sought to acquire online media operators the knowledge and necessary skills to enable them to understand the human rights protection mechanisms system and the UPR specifically,  media campaigns implementation skills and media reporting on monitoring and following the recommendations implementation, as well as enabling online media activists to use their platforms to link between human rights issues and Egypt’s UPR commitments.

This came in the context of the “Universal Periodic Review as a Tool to Enhance Public Policy During the Transitional Period”, project, implemented by the Foundation and funded by the European Union for two years starting from January 2016, which composes an integrated package of training programs to build the capacity of a diverse group of stakeholders and actors in the Egyptian community on the UPR.

Mr. Yasser Abdelaziz, the prominent media expert and member of the National Council for Human Rights was assigned to the training program’s implementation, and during the interactive workshops, he focused on increasing the participants awareness of human rights conception, the emergence of international human rights charter, the concept of the international humanitarian law, the critical approach for the UN human rights concepts via possessing systems analysis capacity using SWOT, and advancing the critique skills via an interactive exercise. In addition to increasing the participants awareness of the UPR procedures and introducing the recommendations addressed to Egypt and Egypt’s position from them, enhancing the participants awareness of the role played by media, the methods to practice this role in regards to the UPR mechanism, along with enabling the trainees to monitor the recommendations accepted by Egypt during its second UPR session in 2014.

Via the training material developed to achieve the training program goals, the trainer addressed the roles played by media and new media relative to the violations and failure to commit to human rights led by shedding light on the violations and failure, defining the responsible parties for them, putting human rights issues on the national agenda, providing platforms for complains for the victims of the violations, providing MPs and members of oversight authorities and councils with information. In this contexts, the trainees were requested to review four of the most important news portals to find a group of relative news to the UPR recommendations either supporting or contracting the recommendations.

It’s worth mentioning that the second training workshop witnessed the submission of new proposals relative to new applications to follow-up the UPR recommendations via the online platforms, along with diverse visions in link to promoting the activists role in increasing the UPR awareness as a significant human rights tool for reform, which was reflected during the working group conducted during the training workshop.

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