Piles of garbage surround the people of the village of Algeria in Minya

Piles of garbage surround the people of the village of Algeria in Minya

Maat appeals to the Ministry of Environment and Minya Governorate to stop the source of pollution and relocate the recycling plant


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Under a project The Universal Periodic Review as a tool for improving public policies during the transition period , Which is implemented by an institution Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt)And as a result of the foundation's follow-up to the Egyptian government’s implementation of its pledges before the Human Rights Council emanating from the recommendations it accepted during the UPR session in March 2015, Maat Foundation monitored the suffering of about 30,000 citizens living in the Algeria village of Samalout Center in Minya Governorate. Mountain garbage dating back to 1997, and a garbage recycling plant near their homes, which harmed their health and the health of their children.

        According to the information available to the Maat Foundation, and based on discussions with a number of heads and members of some civil society associations in the governorate, it was found that Samalout Council includes five villages, including the village of Algeria, where garbage is collected from villages and discharged in this dump, as well as there. A factory for recycling agricultural waste since 2004, adjacent to their homes, causing smoke and damage to public health and bringing many diseases to the young and old.

        Speaking with the villagers, they reported that the council burns the collected garbage and the entire village suffers from suffocation, and they are negatively affected by smoke and dust or viruses and chest diseases, especially since the problem has been since 1997, where garbage is collected from all neighboring villages by the village council of “Qalusna”. The people said that the officials are aware of the problem, and they agree to leave the village to live among the piles of garbage, and despite the multiplicity of their complaints, none of the officials has taken action to solve the problem.

      This contradicts a number of recommendations that Egypt accepted during the second session of the UPR in 2014, the most important of which were: Recommendation No. 166-267 “Intensifying efforts to implement economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to health,” and Recommendation No. 166. -274 “Continue efforts to ensure universal access to quality education and health care” - Recommendation No. 166-78 “Strengthen efforts to support women's social rights, such as the right to education and health.”

       In light of this, Maat Foundation appeals to the Minister of Environment and the Governor of Minya, to visit the village in question, inspect the size of the damages resulting from the sources of pollution in the landfill, and to take measures that will urgently move the dump of garbage away from the homes, and prohibit burning garbage inside the residential compound in the village And work to cleanse its current location, in order to preserve the health of the population and take into account the presence of children who are more vulnerable to sources of pollution and diseases.

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