The joint international local mission: the second statement of the second day of the run-off in the first phase

The joint international local mission: the second statement of the second day of the run-off in the first phase

The clashes between the candidates' supporters ... and the election brokers are the most prominent phenomenon in the past hours

3 p.m. on October 28, 2015

The joint international mission to follow up on the parliamentary elections “Egypt-2015” continued over the past hours to follow up the electoral process through our local and international observers, who were deployed in 70 electoral districts.

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The mission had monitored the regularity of the electoral process and the opening of most of the committees on time, with the exception of some committees, which some judges could not reach, and announced their inclusion in other committees.

The mission also observed today that most of the candidates provide collective transportation means that transport voters from villages and hamlets and in front of their homes to polling stations, which led to an increase in the rate of voting, especially in the women's committees. In the same context, the mission observed that the representatives of the candidates distribute sums of money to the voters inside the headquarters of the committees, but the judges intervened and wrote minutes of the facts and the delegate was handed over to the security forces.

The mission also monitored skirmishes and quarrels between supporters of the candidates in some electoral districts, especially the governorates of Upper Egypt, and the security intervention was the decisive factor in resolving these quarrels and maintaining the electoral process. The most important thing that was monitored in the hours following the first statement so far is:

1- Minya / Bandar Al-Minya / Al-Azhari Model Institute / Committees From 92 to 95 / The representative of the candidate, Khaled Mohamed Hassan, directs the voters to the committee’s roads to vote in favor of his candidate, in exchange for money and the intervention of the head of the committee.

2- Al-Buhaira Governorate / Abu al-Matamir and Housh Issa constituency / Fouad Aweys Secondary School for Girls / Supporters of the Nour Party collect voters, transport them by mass transit cars to the polling stations, and direct the voters to vote for their candidates Khaled Abu Al-Khatib, Muhammad Salah Khalifa and Osama Ubaid.

3- Giza / Atfih / Kafr Qandil School / Skirmishes and verbal altercations between supporters of some of the candidates

4- Fayoum Governorate - Abshway district, Senro Elementary School. Supporters of “candidate Muhammad Taha al-Khuli” purchased the votes of voters in front of the polling stations at a value of 20 pounds in exchange for the candidate’s electoral vote.

5- Beni Suef Governorate, Samasta District District / Local Unit in Mazoura Village / Committee 25 & 26: The turnout is good by voters to cast their votes in the parliamentary elections. 

6-  Giza Governorate - Omrania District - Ahmed Zewail School Committee - Candidate Asma Hakim, the symbol of the candle No. 1, and her campaign members guarding her bodyguards are in front of the school and direct the voters to vote for her..

7- Alexandria Governorate / Amiriya District / Amiriya Elementary School / Committee 8: One of the female voters voted twice with two different cards, and the advisor, head of the committee, wrote a report on the incident, and the security forces instructed to reserve the voter.

8- Minya / Samalout / Taha columns / The Women Leadership Association gathered women at its headquarters, paid sums of money and provided transportation to the committees’s headquarters for women to vote for candidate Samir Rashad Abu Talib and candidate Omar al-Shimy. Record of the incident

9- Sohag (Juhayna) The deployment of security forces in the old market area and near the election headquarters of the City Council to inspect the security situation after the clashes that took place after the supporters of the candidate Maher Salam Abu Aqil attacked the supporters of the candidate Khaled Saleh Abu Zahhad, which led to the destruction of one of Khaled Saleh's cars. Editing of the incident report 

The mission also monitored the spread of the phenomenon of the election broker who is mobilizing voters to vote for a specific candidate, especially in Alexandria districts and for the candidates of the Free Egyptians Party in the Sidi Gaber constituencies, where the chief fan of the Union Club goes to the homes of the team’s supporters in the district and urges them to go out to vote in exchange for money for the party’s candidates, Tariq. Al-Sayed and Mohammed Al-Rashidi.

The mission will issue a third statement at the end of polling day for a comprehensive evaluation of the day. You can follow all the facts that are monitored by following the observatory page on the social networking site Facebook on "Parliamentary Election Observatory Egypt 2015"

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