Annual Report on Terrorism in Africa

Executive summary

Since the early 1990s, the African continent has suffered from the concentration of a number of armed terrorist groups that operate under the guise of religion, representing black terrorism, in addition to the violent incidents that were mainly formed due to tribal strife. In fact, the frequency of terrorism is increasing dramatically in light of the poor conditions afflicting the countries of the continent, and in light of facing the threat of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), for the citizens of the continent to become between the wounds of human terrorism and biological terrorism.

In the year 2020, which the African Union considered its slogan "Silencing the Guns", the importance of this type of reporting comes in tracking and monitoring the most prominent terrorist attacks on the African continent. Therefore, it is necessary first to identify the most prominent terrorist hotspots in the five African regions to extract the most prominent of those bloodiest groups and the most affected of those countries. . Then he turned to extract those incidents in a quantitative manner. In addition to knowing the factors of their spread to reduce them later, and what their human rights repercussions are on the continent. During the year 2020, the African continent witnessed more than 525 fatal accidents that occurred in 27 African countries, resulting in at least 7,030 deaths.

The African Affairs and Sustainable Development Unit at the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights presents this report, with a package of recommendations at the end, out of its interest in achieving Goal (16) of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and aspiration (4) Africa's Sustainable Development Agenda 2063 where Africa is safe and secure.

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