The report submitted by Maat Foundation to the Anti-Discrimination Committee regarding the State of Lebanon

Foundation progress Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) (Egypt) This report is in the subordination of the State of Lebanon to the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, as this report aims to shed light on the political sectarian system applied in Lebanon as a system that consecrates the state of discrimination between citizens and its impact on the political, economic and social rights of citizens in an unjust way. direct.

The report also highlights the continuing concerns about discriminatory treatment of Palestinian refugees who have long resided in Lebanon and likewise Syrian refugees in light of the existence of a set of legal restrictions on them that affect their basic social rights of the right to education and work, in addition to presenting a set of practices The racism they face in Lebanese society, and the report presents discrimination against migrant workers in Lebanon based on the sponsorship system, and in this context the report discusses the status of Lebanese women of inequality under laws devoted to racial discrimination against women on the basis of nationality, divorce and other personal affairs. The report is a set of various recommendations to address the issue of racial discrimination in Lebanon. It is worth noting that the report relied on its methodology to monitor official statements and laws related to the racial framework in the Lebanese society in addition to the various incidents of racial discrimination from news contexts. This is with the library references of human rights institutions on racial discrimination. In Lebanon.

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