8th Message: 15th of September 2015

The Daily Message for the International-Local Mission to Observe the Parliamentary Elections

The Local - International Joint Mission continued its field follow up to the course of parliamentary elections process in Egypt. Especially, after the end of the candidacy registration period, where the most significant developments indicates to the acceptance of the High Elections Committee "HEC" for the List of Republican Alliance Party's grievance in Cairo constituency, and South Delta constituency.

Also, the Mission observed the candidates continued in practicing early campaigning in some provinces, especially in Delta provinces.



The Mission, observed one of the candidates in Port Saied governorate, organized an initiative to clean up the governorate, with the support of the governor of Port Said, who provided the initiative all the heavy equipment used in the clean-up operations, under the auspices of the candidate.


In the same context, the Mission observed in Dakahlia governorate, 8th constituency/ Menyet Al Naser constituency/ Meet Salseel village/ Menyet Al Naser center/ the candidate Mahmud Nabieh sent (52) trees to New Omar Ibn Al Khatab prep school, in El Degeady manor, at El Gamaliya, in the purpose of forestation the school. The Mission also observed the announcement of the school's academic staff their support for the candidate.


The Mission observed the continued using for the worship places by the candidates, as in Monofeya province, where one of the candidates visited a mosque and a church in the framework of his electoral tours.


The Mission observed the absence of the demonstrations of the power opposing the electoral process, in the most of the provinces, except the provinces of Kafr el-Sheikh and Fayoum where four demonstrations were observed in the centers of: El Borollos, Balteem, Kafr El-Sheikh and Sanores and Yusuf Al Sedeek centre Fayoum.


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