The Daily Message -30th of September

The Daily Message for the International-Local Mission to Observe the Parliamentary Elections

The International-Local Mission observed yesterday the inauguration of the campaigning period in the elections first round governorates including 14 governorates composing 103 electoral districts, where 2573 candidates are competing on 226 parliamentary seats. Yesterday witnessed campaigning intensification in those governorates, in conjunction with the launch of the campaigning period for the parliamentary elections first round, the mission observed the security stability in the missions' target governorates: Giza, Beni Suef, Fayoum, Minya, Sohag, Behira, and Alexandria including 70 constituencies and 165 electoral seats.

In the same context, the electoral lists competing in Upper Egypt and West Delta started their electoral campaigning, namely, independent national awakening bloc and in Egypt's love, while Egypt's call and the Egyptian front and independence current coalition are completing some files pursuant to the issued rules for both of them by the Administrative Court. In West Delta, AlNoor Party, in Egypt's love, the Egyptian front and independence current coalition and Egypt knights are competing, meaning that 7 electoral lists are competing in Upper Egypt and West Delta.

In the context of its daily observation to the electoral districts, the Mission observed some candidates using social events, the start of the new school year and public institutions to campaign themselves.

In Cairo, the Mission observed Helwan constituency candidate Fouad Hamed, distributing book notes on Martyr Mohamad Abdel Azeem school – previously known as AlNasr school, with the support of the school director and teachers inside the school campus:

In Qalioubya, the Mission observed Qalioub center and city constituency candidate, Maher AlMahareek, using the post office walls to put up campaigning posters:

In Kafr ElSheikh, the Mission observed Motobas constituency candidate, Nashaat ElElwany, using social events to campaign himself between the guests, as he danced and gave away some money to the groom as a wedding gift:

In Menoufia, the Mission observed Shebin ElKoum center constituency candidate, Gamal Sehlo, as he meditated at Shanwan village's local unit head to open a path in the street where Darweesh family lives, as they represent a large number of votes in the village:

In Giza, the Mission observed Ouseem constituency candidate, Fareed Abou Khadra, as he organized charity fair for clothes to Bashteel village residents in the occasion of the new school year

In Cairo, the Mission observed Helwan constituency candidate, Ismaeel Nasr ElDeen, during his visit to the guest house affiliated to the Martyr mosque in Kafr ElElow and his financial donation to the mosque:

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