Psycho-drama - an introduction to modifying the behavior of the children of prisoners and detainees in the integration and rehabilitation project

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights concluded its eleventh journey with the integrated protection project for the families of prisoners and detainees “integration and rehabilitation” for children in the area (Ambae), one of the areas targeted by the project. It is worth noting that the Maat Foundation, in cooperation with the Swiss Foundation Drosos, implements the integrated protection project for the families of prisoners and detainees “integration and rehabilitation.” In the governorates of Cairo and Giza in six areas targeted by Dar Al Salam - Al Basateen - Al Khalifah - Al Maasara - Atfih - Imbaba - Bulaq Dakrur and the recreational, educational and educational trips come in the project as one of the important pillars of the education component of the project that Maat relies on to achieve integration and rehabilitation for marginalized groups, as trips are not limited to The marginalized group, however, hosts the Maat of other children from outside the marginalized target group of the prisoners' families, so that the process of integration and social acceptance takes place. The trip dealt with an educational program and a complete education for (24) children. Today’s training sessions revolved around belonging - the art of storytelling - and acceptance of others - and the equality of human beings. The trainers and specialists followed a number of training methods varied between storytelling, educational games, work groups, brainstorming and drawing exhibitions. The psycho-drama was pivoted to present a wide range of concepts and skills to children about the family, around the homeland, and belonging.

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