Migrant workers in Qatar ... unending suffering


In December 2010, FIFA granted the right to organize the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in 2022, to the State of Qatar, which is the most important tournament at the international level. The high temperature in the summer season, the construction of a new airport, infrastructure and a network of transportation and transportation, and new roads and suburbs.

To implement these promises, Qatar opened the door wide for an influx of migrant workers to work in these projects to the extent that migrant workers in Qatar reached about 2 million workers out of 2.6 million (95% of the workforce), which is the total number of the population of the State of Qatar. It is a country that is one of the richest countries in the world and ranks first in the per capita income of GDP, so it is logical that workers in this country should not be subjected to any form of abuse.

However, there is a stark contrast between the efforts made by these workers to finish the construction and infrastructure related to the international championship projects in a timely manner, and the violations they have been subjected to, especially with regard to stopping their wages, which are already low, or deducting them at other times, in addition to To work in indecent and harsh conditions, they usually work under the scorching rays of the sun, as well as detention and deportation in contravention of international human rights law, which provides full protection for migrant workers.

These violations are compounded by the flawed sponsorship system that, despite the reforms introduced recently, continues to bind employers with their sponsors, as well as the confiscation of migrant workers' passports and identity documents, and the accusation of “absconding” for workers who leave their jobs without permission employer.

Therefore, Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights focuses in this report on the violations that migrant workers are subjected to working on projects for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, specifically deaths at construction sites and violations related to wage delays, as well as the arbitrary detention and deportation of these workers by the government. Qatar, the slowdown in obtaining prompt justice, but before that, we clarify the legal framework that undermines the process of protecting migrants in the State of Qatar.

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