NGOs in Greater Cairo governorates finish their training program on the universal periodic review

NGOs in Greater Cairo governorates finish their training program on the universal periodic review

“Incorporating awareness of the universal periodic review into the activities of various civil organizations” The most important outputs

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Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights has completed the implementation of the eighth training workshop for civil society organizations in the governorates of Greater Cairo, as part of its training program for “Capacity enhancement Cadres of civil society organizations to follow up on Egypt's obligations before the universal periodic review mechanism., As the two-day training workshop hosted 26 civil work cadres with 13 NGOs working in the governorates of Cairo, Giza and Qalyubia.

The training program, which started its implementation in March 2016, which aimed to build the capacities of 120 of the cadres of 60 civil organizations in all governorates of the Republic, sought to increase the NGOs' understanding of human rights, standards, tools and international human rights mechanisms related to the periodic review and Egypt's obligations, and increase the ability to follow up And evaluation of international obligations and the Egyptian reality and how to reduce the gap between them.

The program, which was designed in two phases separated by three months, built in the first phase the capacity of NGOs on human rights and the international mechanisms to protect them, the universal periodic review, and societal follow-up to the results of the universal periodic review, and the second phase focused on enabling the participants to formulate policy proposals to contribute to the adoption of New policies compatible with the recommendations of the UPR 2014, and between the two training phases, NGOs implemented a set of community activities to enhance knowledge of the UPR and link the review recommendations to a set of human rights problems and challenges at the local level in order to reach concrete proposals that contribute to addressing these problems and challenges. In a way that strengthens Egypt's position during the next session of the review in 2018.

The NGOs integrated knowledge of the UPR in its various activities that were carried out between March - October 2016, which varied between awareness-raising of the review during training programs to prepare women leaders for localities, and a group of seminars that were implemented on the sidelines of vocational training programs. Civil society organizations to integrate the universal periodic review and related recommendations in addressing some of the problems closely related to fulfilling human rights, including the problem of Al-Makamir in Qalyubia and the rights of people with disabilities.

The training workshop was part of a project "The Universal Periodic Review as a Tool to Improve Public Policies during the Transition", Funded by the European Union, which started its implementation in January 2016 and continues to be implemented over two years, with the aim of strengthening the role of the universal periodic review to improve public policies and reform human rights during the transitional phase in Egypt by actively involving civil society organizations, activists and media professionals in the follow-up and advocacy for the necessary reform of human rights And adopting new policies compatible with international human rights standards based on the 2014 universal periodic review.

More updated news about the project activities is available at the following link:

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