An Endless Suffering: Turkey’s Violations of the Principles of International Law in Northeastern Syria


The personal safety of civilians in northeastern Syria has become difficult to achieve due to the daily threats resulting from violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed by the Turkish government and its armed factions. On the well-being of civilians and the maintenance of law and order in the occupied areas, but on the contrary, local citizens in northern Syria live in fear of forced arrests and extrajudicial executions, as well as the confiscation of property and homes and the imposition of royalties, all of this comes in conjunction with the continued practices of forced displacement in In light of the processes of ethnic cleansing and demographic engineering, where the armed factions supported by Turkey prevent the local residents who left their homes due to the outbreak of armed conflicts from returning to their homes with the settlement of other people affiliated with them in the ideology, and they are the families of the armed factions mainly, this is in addition to the Turkification of life by raising the Turkish flag On government buildings and trying to teach the Turkish language and impose it on the local population, not only that Rather, water is used as a weapon against civilians in the context of the political conflict between Turkey and the factions cooperating with it on the one hand, and the political parties on the other.

In this context, the armed factions of Turkey arrested about 226 people during the period from January to May 2021 . Accordingly, in this report, the International Law Unit at Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights discusses the grave violations by the Turkish-backed groups and their breaches of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the principles of proportionality, necessity and distinction, represented in the targeting of Kurdish civilians in particular as well as the arbitrary arrests, the vast majority of which developed into enforced disappearance of civilians, and the deaths caused by torture in prisons. Moreover, such breaches are also represented in the forced evictions from houses, robbery and seizure of private properties, land dispossessions and the interruption of water and power supply to civilians and using them as a weapon of war against civilians during the period from January 1, 2021 to May 30, 2021.


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