One year after the review process, the Turkish government is ignoring its pledges to the United Nations

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This is a report provided by the Foundation Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt)By monitoring and documenting the human rights situation in Turkey during the past year, specifically since the human rights file in Turkey was subject to review before the United Nations Human Rights Council, within the framework of the universal periodic review process, in January 2020, as the report focuses on the most important indicators and patterns of human rights violations in Turkey. From this report, Maat Foundation aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the human rights situation in Turkey,

Turkey received a total 321 recommendations During the third cycle of the review process, all of them were thrown out of proportion. During the past year, many legislations were issued that undermine human rights and restrict basic freedoms, in addition to the indiscriminate arrest of citizens and their incommunicado detention, without legal representation, as well as the restriction of opposition and independent voices. And he closed all channels and outlets for free expression, in addition to intimidating media professionals and civil society activists and arresting them because of their work. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his desire to amend the constitution, in order to tighten his grip on what remains of the public sphere.

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