Ayman Aqeel's statements in the summary were distorted in a context that is contrary to professional rules

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Ayman Aqil, the spokesperson for the joint international local mission to follow up on the parliamentary elections, said that the statements published on the Al Moujz website, which were transferred from the Al-Bawaba News website under the title of the international mission, denying their relationship with the Egyptian Alliance for Rights and Development, were distorted and dealt with in violation of professional rules.

Whereas, the statements were for the portal, and we did not receive any communication from any of the editors of the summary, in addition to the fact that the statements for the portal were only a response to a question from the editor about whether the Civil Alliance was a member of the mission or not, and I explained to the editor that the mission includes four main organizations. About them, including three international organizations and Maat, in addition to 31 local organizations, not including the coalition, for which we have all the respect. However, the statements were published on the Al Moujjz website in the context of a topic contrary to the context, and I did not authorize anything to them.

We note here that the absence of the coalition in the mission does not detract from its ability, and its efforts and the efforts of other organizations are appreciated and we all integrate in order to provide guarantees for the freedom and integrity of the elections. A party to it at all, especially as the mission appreciates the efforts of the coalition and its coordinator, Mr. Saeed Abdel-Hafez, related to monitoring media performance during the electoral process.

Aqeel called on the journalists and media professionals to ensure accuracy and honesty in the statements conveyed, and not to employ them outside their context.




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