Maat organizes a conference on the periodic review, future development and combating terrorism in the New Valley Governorate

Within the framework of the "universal periodic review convoys"

Maat is organizing a conference on the periodic review, future development and combating terrorism in the New Valley Governorate


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Within the framework of its interest in helping the Egyptian state to fulfill its voluntary commitments to the universal periodic review mechanism, and out of its keenness to integrate the most marginalized and deprived areas in the efforts that focus on the universal periodic review as an entry point for improving public policies and achieving human development in its comprehensive sense, Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Rights is preparing Human to implement  "UPR convoys."

"UPR convoys"  It is an innovative package of integrated field activities through which the Maat Foundation visits a group of governorates and regions that have witnessed development deprivation over the past decades, such as the governorates of the New Valley, North Sinai, and the South of the Red Sea.

In this context, the Maat First Foundation will be organized  "UPR convoys" To the New Valley Governorate during the period from 13 to 16 May, and the convoy program will include holding an expanded meeting with civil work organizations in the New Valley, and another with media professionals, newspaper correspondents and various media outlets in the governorate, as well as five field visits and field meetings with citizens who suffer with some problems Service and social services related to the recommendations of the universal periodic review, in addition to holding meetings with a number of religious and popular leaders in the governorate.

The visit will be concluded with a popular conference under the title  “The universal periodic review, the future of development and combating terrorism in the New Valley Governorate”, It is expected that the conference, which is organized in cooperation with the Local Community Development Association, will be hosted in the New Valley  At the headquarters of the Nasser City Culture Palace Sunday, May 15, 2016Both: Major General / Mahmoud Ashmawy, Governor of the New Valley, Professor / Ayman Aqil, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, Professor / Salah Imam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society for Community Development in the New Valley, Dr. Ahmed Diab, Professor of Sociology at the College Agriculture, South Valley University..

You can follow up to date photo reports, press releases and news on the following hashtag

# MaatatThe New Valley, on the official page of the Maat Foundation: www.fb.com/MaatFoundation

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