Aqeel: The mission appreciates the committee’s interest in campaigning in violation of the law, and Maat will file complaints about violators

The Daily Message for the International-Local Mission to Observe the Parliamentary Elections

Aqeel: The mission appreciates the committee’s interest in campaigning in violation of the law, and Maat will file complaints about violators


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Within the framework of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights and the joint local international mission following up on the electoral process, the mission's observatory continued to follow the electoral campaign phase of the first phase constituencies, which actually started since September 29, and the Higher Elections Commission received three reports from the Follow-up Committee. In the media about the elections, it was proven that several irregularities were monitored from 20 to 29 September last year on 7 satellite channels: CBC, Al-Asimah, Al-Hayat, Moga Comedy, Al-Fara’an, Al-Hayat 2, and Dream 2. Channel.

Ayman Aqil, head of Maat Foundation, the official spokesperson for the mission and its local coordinator, stated that the mission appreciates these effective steps by the Media Monitoring Committee and calls on the Supreme Elections Committee to apply the law to these channels in the framework of ensuring equal opportunities among the candidates.

As part of its daily follow-up of the electoral activities, the mission monitored the high daily activity rate of the candidates for the first stage, whether independents or candidates for parties.

The mission also observed that several candidates violated the scheduled dates issued by the Supreme Elections Committee. Candidate Atef al-Ashmouni, a candidate for the Al-Matariya district in Cairo, organized a seminar for youth, family heads and leaders of the Mariam Tree area from Al-Matrawi Street in front of the Mariam Tree Shrine in front of the religious tourist shrine, in which his electoral program spoke against the set dates For the elections.

In the same constituency, candidate Muhammad Sobeih organized an election seminar in Ezbet Umm Mahmoud on the Port Said Street, attended by many young men and sheikhs of the neighborhoods in the area and the popular leaders in it, and he called them during the seminar to vote for him, in contravention of the dates set for the propaganda as well.

In Al-Gharbia, the mission observed that the candidate, Amal Abdel-Hamid, from Kafr El-Zayat, attended a ceremony honoring a senior employee working in the health insurance and referred to the age of pension, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Masry, at Ahmed Orabi Clinic, and distributed gifts to the attendees inside one of the health insurance clinics in the city.

In the Governorate of Dakahlia, the mission observed that the candidate Muhammad Barakat Qibya, from the Jamalia district, organized a conference in the village of Al-Jamalia, during which he discussed his electoral program, in contravention of the dates for opening the door for publicity, calling on the people to vote for a valid ballot.

The mission also observed that the candidate, Issam Makki, from the Attarin Department, distributed gifts in kind to the people of the department, who have Nubian origins, during the operation of the Nubia train, and he distributed the gifts himself inside the Misr station in Alexandria.

The mission also observed that the candidate Karam Sayed Al-Banna, the candidate for the Burullus constituency in Kafr El-Sheikh, organized a generosity match and distributed a cup and gifts to the winning team, calling on the participants in the session to vote for valid in the elections.

Ayman Aqeel, the mission’s spokesperson, indicated that Maat Foundation, as the mission’s representative in Egypt, will submit reports first-hand to candidates who commit legal violations, to the general committees assigned to the various governorates.


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