Aqeel: Early propaganda and exploitation of crises are the most prominent violations in the second phase so far

The Daily Message for the International-Local Mission to Observe the Parliamentary Elections

November 2, 2015 

Aqeel: Early propaganda and exploitation of crises are the most prominent violations in the second phase so far

 Ayman Aqil, the spokesperson for the joint international mission to follow up on the 2015 Parliament elections, stated that most of the candidates continued to violate the law through early propaganda in the various electoral districts, whether by holding conferences or electoral rounds, and recently exploiting the crises that the constituencies suffer from through their relations with district officials in solving these Problems

On the other hand, the joint international local mission continued to follow up the electoral process in the second phase, which witnessed yesterday's propaganda violations of the candidates and parties in the various governorates in which polling is scheduled for on the 22nd and 23rd of this current November, and the mission monitored in the Qalyubia governorate in the third constituency / constituency. Kafr Shukr / Kafr Shukr Center / Asnit Village / Candidate Salah El-Din Hussein Al-Ashhab held a large electoral conference in the village, then the candidate wandered inside the village among a large number of his supporters, while playing songs through loudspeakers.

The mission also monitored in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate in the fourth district / Burullus District / Burullus Center / Campaign of the candidate Karam Sayed Al-Banna and his fame "Karam Al-Banna" No. 17, the symbol of the lighting searchlight, by pasting propaganda pictures of the candidate on the walls of homes and mosques in the center.

In Al-Monufia Governorate, District No. 4 / Tala - Al-Shuhada / Candidate Muhammad Anwar Al-Sadat purchased a set of sports equipment for the “Al-Bandari Village Youth Center.”

In Cairo, the mission observed that the candidate, Adel Okasha, from the twenty-fourth constituency / May and Tebbeen / El-Tabbeen / he called the officials by phone after he learned from the neighborhood residents that a water pipe had exploded at the Al-Marazeeq Bridge, trying to show himself the candidate who had relations with the officials and used that crisis in his propaganda campaign.


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