Maat condemns Houthi militia’s targeting of civilians in Yemen


Okeil: Houthi militia’s targeting of civilians in Yemen intensifies the critical humanitarian situation

Nourhan Mustafa: International humanitarian law prohibits attacking civilians

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights condemns in the strongest terms the Iranian-backed Houthi systemic and deliberate attacks against civilians, which destroy and burn out dozens of home while civilians are trapped inside. The last of which attacks ended with bombing 28 homes in Hima Taiz village.

Last year, only 404 death cases were reported in Yemen, including (56) women and (83) children. (751) people were injured, including (103) women and (194) children. (232) people were died as a result of mine explosion, including (23) women and (44) children. (1052) incidents of arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearances were recorded; (39) archeological and religious sites were targeted, and (17) attacks were launched against medical personnel and health facilities; (757) Public and private buildings were destroyed; and (118) child under the age of 15 were recruited. In addition to the bombing (30) houses, and forcibly displacing (310) citizens. 2020 has ended with the despicable Aden Airport attack, which may amount to war crimes.

Ayman Okeil, head of Maat, expressed his deep concern about the continuous targeting of civilians and objects indispensable for their survival in Yemen, which will intensify the critical humanitarian situation inside the already war-torn country, especially in light of the deteriorating health conditions inside Yemen, as medical institutions have been subjected to continuous attacks by the Houthi militia, which has shut down several medical facilities, and destroyed dozens of hospitals that provide health care to civilians, violating the principle of protecting civilians in armed conflicts.

In the same context, Nourhan Mustafa, the director of the International Humanitarian Law Unit at Maat, stressed that international humanitarian law prohibits carrying out attacks against civilians. According to Article 44, paragraph 3 of the first Optional Protocol, civilians must be protected from the effects of hostilities. Besides, Article 54, paragraph 5, stipulates that “Objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population cannot be attacked, destroyed, removed or rendered useless.” The Director of the International Humanitarian Law Unit also called on the UN Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen to expedite the investigation of crimes committed by the Houthi militia, which clearly and explicitly violate the commitment to the rules of international humanitarian law relating to the protection of civilians and civilian objects.



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