Maat Foundation issues a report on the crimes of the armed factions loyal to Turkey in northeastern Syria

Aqil: The failure of the international community to protect civilians has encouraged Turkey and the factions loyal to it to commit more crimes against civilians in Syria

Sharif Abdul Hamid: The Turkish regime supports parties and militias to sow chaos in the Arab region

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights released a report entitled The crimes of the pro-Turkish factions in northeastern Syria“, Within the framework of the electronic campaign launched by the Foundation at the beginning of this month, entitled“The Syrian north is bleeding“To support the victims of the violations resulting from the Turkish intervention and the factions loyal to it in northeastern Syria, and the report dealt with human rights violations inside northeastern Syria, specifically in the areas controlled by the armed factions loyal to Turkey, during the period from January 2020 to January 2021, where these militias committed extrajudicial killings. The law systematically intimidates and intimidates citizens in order to accept the Turkish occupation, including incidents that occurred during the arrest and detention operations of people who object to the policies of these factions and the violations they practice. The report pointed out that the policy of impunity prevails in all these incidents.

The report indicated that 884 citizens were arrested by these factions during the year 2020 in Afrin region only, for the sake of expressing their opinions rejecting this occupation or objecting to the coercive practices of armed militias such as imposing royalties, looting stores and assaulting women, without judicial orders or clear legal basis. To arrest them, while holding them in unknown places and without informing their families of their whereabouts.

The report also sheds light on the secret prisons of the pro-Turkish militias, where there are more than 20 secret prisons, in which the worst forms of psychological and physical torture are practiced against the inhabitants of Afrin, Arabs and Kurds, in full view of the Turkish forces.

For his part, Ayman Aqil, head of the Maat Foundation, said that the international community's repeated failure to act effectively to protect civilians in Syria has encouraged Turkey and its pro-factions to commit systematic war crimes and other violations of international law, including targeted attacks on civilian infrastructure and medical facilities. , And the spread of indiscriminate attacks in populated areas.

Aqeel added that the pro-Ankara factions are practicing various types of inhumane violations against the indigenous people and the displaced to Afrin from various Syrian governorates, and these violations have been represented by the targeting of civilians and the systematic theft of their properties of various kinds, including homes, shops and agricultural lands, in full view of the deployed Turkish forces. Within its military bases and headquarters in the city of Afrin and its suburbs.

Aqeel explained that these violations were not limited to the theft of civilian property only, but also extended to the arrest of thousands of civilians, especially after these factions imposed their security control over these areas, with the aim of collecting a financial ransom from these citizens in exchange for their release after their arrest and the most horrific forms of psychological and physical torture. Against them, within the secret prisons it has established in the various areas they control.

In the same context, Sherif Abdul Hamid, Director of the Research and Studies Unit at the Maat Foundation, affirmed that the Turkish state, through the "new Ottoman" project and strategy, is interfering in many Arab countries, by supporting parties, militias, and outlaw regimes, with the aim of spreading chaos and undermining the sovereignty. Those states and the division of homelands.

And those who follow the Turkish military and economic interventions in the region will discover Turkey's presence and expansion in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Qatar, which results in many human rights violations. Abd al-Hamid added that the international community’s contentment with condemning violations and serious crimes in northeastern Syria is no longer useful, as has been tragically proven in past years.

And he demanded that the international community stress that the Turkish government and the factions loyal to it must respect the ceasefire and cease the crimes they commit against civilians, and pressure them to facilitate unrestricted humanitarian aid access to the affected areas, in accordance with its international obligations to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

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