Maat Foundation publishes the first estimate of the number of participants until 5 pm with a sample of committees

Maat Foundation publishes the first estimate of the number of participants until 5 pm with a sample of committees

Maat: We detected two cases of electoral bribery, breaking the electoral silence and an attack on a voter's car by those affiliated with the Brotherhood

The third statement


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November 22, 2015 at 5.45 minutes

The Parliamentary Elections Observatory of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights continued to monitor the course of the polling process in the first round in the second phase, which started this morning, and here is the third statement issued by the observatory during the day, which covers the period of time extending from the reopening of the committees door after the rest period (3.30 pm) Until half past five in the evening.

During this period, no reports of violations or negative interference were received from the state apparatus and the insurance forces present in front of the committees, nor were there reports of cases of violence that would affect the electoral process, while we received a single statement indicating the emergence of a group known to belong to a group. The Muslim Brotherhood destroyed the car of a citizen, bearing the numbers “96111,” while he was passing near one of the committees at the Mina Al Qamh Center in the Sharkia Governorate, due to the placement of posters for one of the candidates.

On the other hand, field observers of the Maat Foundation monitored a number of violations committed by the candidates and their supporters in a number of electoral districts, the most prominent of which was breaching the electoral silence, and among the most important incidents that have been monitored are the following: -

1- Al-Gharbia Governorate / Tanta City District / Seger District / Car driving around the district with posters of candidate Yasser al-Jundi and a loudspeaker urging voters to elect the candidate.

2- Gharbia Governorate / Tanta City District / Nasser Agricultural Secondary School: Supporters of candidate Muhammad Shehata directed the voters and distributed propaganda cards containing the candidate's name, number and electoral symbol.

3- Cairo Governorate - Al Zawia Al Hamra District - Martyr Tabakh School Committee - Supporters of candidate Muhammad Hassan distribute propaganda leaflets for him and direct voters to vote for the candidate.

4- Kafr El Sheikh Governorate \ Kafr El Sheikh City District \ Al Qantara Al Baida Primary School \ The members of the campaign of candidate Mustafa Zarara distributed propaganda posters to the voters and directed to vote for the candidate within the vicinity of the Electoral Commission

5- Kafr El Sheikh Governorate \ Al Hamoul and Bella District \ Al Hamoul Preparatory School \ Trade School for Girls \ Distribution of propaganda posters for candidate Mahmoud Abdel Ghaffar in the vicinity of the Electoral Commission

6- Al-Sharqiya / Mashtool Al-Souq / Nabatit Preparatory School / The security forces arrested a member of the Nour Party while distributing electoral propaganda for the party's candidate and directing the voters to vote for him

7- Cairo / Dar Al-Salam / Candidate Ali Abdel-Wanis Al-Sawah distributed bags of orange fruit to the citizens, and the bags were printed with the name, symbol and electoral number.

8- Dakahlia Governorate - Sherbin District - Hussein Khudair Primary School - Supporters of “Candidate Hussein Khudair” distribute paper suits to the voters and provide collective transport vehicles to transport voters to polling stations to urge them to choose him.

It has also been observed that some candidates are distributing electoral bribes to some voters, in the governorate of Gharbia, Zefta district, Kafr al-Sindia: The security forces arrested three members of the candidate’s campaign, Rabie Hamed, who were distributing 100 pounds in sums of money and 100 EGP charging cards to the voters.

In Cairo in the Dar al-Salam district, we observed that some people were distributing a financial electoral bribe to voters in Hadayek al-Maadi area of Sayed Abdel-Fadil Street. These people also transport voters to the polling stations by means of mass transit vehicles and according to some testimonies that these people are affiliated with the campaign of candidate Taysir Matar (there are no signs) It indicates that, and then the matter requires investigation by the competent authorities.

The Maat Foundation conducted a rapid survey of a number of polling stations in a number of governorates of the second phase to identify the voting rates until five o'clock in the evening of the first day, and the results were as follows: -

1- Qalyubia Governorate / Benha Center District / New Jamjra School / Committee 57, voting rates reach about 1000 out of the total 3794 registered in the electoral lists until 5:00 pm.

2- Qalubia Governorate / Shubra El-Kheima Thani District / Bahtim Secondary School for Boys, Committee 78, the number of those who cast their votes reached about 220 out of a total of 2375 registered in the electoral lists until 5:00 pm.

3- Qaliubiya / Toukh District / Primary Complex / Committee No. 165 The number of enrollments 2,470 The number of voters 380 / Committee 166 The number of enrollments 2,700 The number of voters 500 / men.

4- Qaliubiya / Al-Khanka, Al-Khas and Al-Obour District / Al-Khosos Preparatory Complex / Committee 115: the number of registered 2,500, the number of voters 500.

5- Port Said / East District / Mrs. Khadija School / 420 votes out of 5139 votes were cast

6- Port Said / Flower Department / King Faisal School / 78 votes out of 6070 votes were cast

7- Port Said / Suburbs District / Yarmouk School / 180 votes out of 2847 votes were cast

8- Dakahlia Governorate / Mansoura District / Omar Ibn Al-Khattab School / Committee No. 147: The number of votes registered in the electoral lists is 1807 votes, the number of those who cast their votes is 200.

9- Dakahlia Governorate / Mansoura Center District / Al-Hawashi Secondary School / Committee No. 155: 380, out of a total of 1220, were voted at exactly 5 p.m.

10- Dakahlia Governorate - Belqas District - Gamasa Primary School - Committee No. 160: The number of voters reached 100 out of a total of 795 as of 5 pm.

11- Dakahlia Governorate - Sherbin District - Martyr Odeh School Committee No. 94: Number of Voters 610 out of a total of 2275

12- Al-Gharbia Governorate / Al-Mahalla City District / Al-Zahra Preparatory School / Committee 113: The total number of voters is 2399, 120 voters voted

13- Al-Gharbia Governorate / Tanta City District / Al-Hanout Common Primary School / Committee 45: The total number of voters is 3146, 650 votes.

14- Al-Gharbia Governorate / Qutour and Bison District / Basyoun Preparatory School for Girls / Committee 106: The total number of voters is 2134 and 180 votes.

15- Sharqia / Tenth Constituency Faqous / Al-Daydamon Elementary School / Committee 109 / Total number of voters 2713 votes, 230 voters voted

16- Sharkia Governorate / Belbeis / Atef Al-Sadat School / Committee 135 / Total number of voters 2603: 350 voters voted

17- Sharqia Governorate / Fourth of Ramadan / Omar Ibn Al-Khattab School, neighboring 48 / Committee 28, the total number of voters is 2,892, and 210 voters voted

18- Menoufia / Sadat / Al-Tarana Elementary School / Committee No. 30 / Total number of voters 1912: 400 voters voted

19- Menoufia / Shebin El-Kom Center / Massehah Social Unit / Committee No. 75 / Total number of voters 2226: 200 voters voted

20- Menoufia / Menouf Center / Kafr al-Umrah Primary School / Committee No. 24 / Total number of voters: 1,468 / 170 voters voted

21- Kafr El Sheikh Governorate \ Kafr El Sheikh City District \ Experimental Language School \ Committee 3 The total number of voters is 2,200, and 265 voters voted.

22- Kafr El Sheikh Governorate \ Burullus District \ Al Ayesh Western School \ Committee 45 / Total number of voters 2538: 400 votes

23- Kafr El Sheikh Governorate \ Sheikh Markaz District \ Al Qarda Primary School \ Lujta 3 / Total number of voters 2020: 220 votes

24- Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate \ Matbous and Fuwa District \ Matbous Secondary Joint School \ Committee 8 \ Total number of voters 1860 number of voters 230

25- Cairo Governorate / East Cairo Towns Department: Nabawiya Moussa Primary School - Committee 53 - About 122 citizens voted out of a total of 2,456 people with the right to vote.

26- Cairo Governorate - Bulaq District - Abu Al-Ela Preparatory School Committee - Committee No. 13, the total number of recorded votes is 2,617, the number of those who voted 150.

27- Cairo Governorate - Coast District - Jalal Fahmy School Committee - Committee No. 75, total number of recorded votes 2811, number of those who cast their vote 320.

28- Damietta / First District Damietta Center / Al-Farouq School / Committee 60 / Total votes 3100 Vote 700

29- Damietta / Second Constituency Kafr Saad / Martyr Ahmed Farag El-Basrieli Preparatory School / Committee 57 / Total votes 2371, number of voters 437

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