Maat Foundation is concerned about the Armenian exodus due to the post-war demarcation

Aqil: The demarcation process violates the rights of Armenian citizens and violates the country's internationally recognized borders.

Nourhan Mustafa: Border demarcation without proper work and research committees is a violation of international law

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights continues the process of demarcating the borders that takes place on the borders of the state of Armenia and Azerbaijan, according to which the borders of some villages are divided into two by new borders, which poses the risk of forcible displacement of citizens who live on the borders of the state of Armenia due to the arbitrary way in which borders are defined. After the ceasefire.

For his part, Ayman Aqil, head of the Maat Foundation, said that we are extremely concerned about the demarcation process that violates the rights of Armenian citizens and attacks the country's internationally recognized borders, for example in the village of Chornukh in Syunik, which is now divided into an Armenian and Azerbaijani part, which constitutes a serious violation of the rights of the villagers in the village. Chornukh and other places where locals have lost their homes hundreds of acres of farmland and most of it is now under Azerbaijani control. This threatens the human right to life, physical integrity and property rights.

In the same context, Nourhan Mustafa, Director of the International Humanitarian Law Unit at the Maat Foundation, affirmed that the demarcation of borders, which is currently taking place without appropriate work and research committees, is a violation of international law, and the security of the borders of the Republic of Armenia is threatened. The process is accompanied by violations of the requirements of the rule of law and has no legitimacy. In terms of delimitation, only mechanical methods are used, which is totally unacceptable at the international level. It concerns the use of GPS and Google Maps and no internationally recognized standards are taken into account. And professional curricula, there are no working committees, no initial inventory and needs assessment of Armenian citizens, and no adequate legal framework. Therefore, it should be suspended or subject to fundamental review ”.

The Director of the International Humanitarian Law Unit called on the Azerbaijani government to abide by the rules of international law related to demarcation of borders and the establishment of working committees that conduct assessment and follow-up under international supervision and not to force citizens to forcibly leave their homes because this is a violation of international norms and international law in general.


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