Maat condemns the targeting of Abha International Airport

Targeting civilians amounts to a war crime

Maat condemns the targeting of Abha International Airport

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights condemns the criminal act carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia targeting Abha International Airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, resulting in the injury of 26 people, including children and women. The Foundation expresses its full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and wishes a speedy recovery for all those injured in the terrorist act orchestrated by the Houthi militia.

Ayman Aqeel, head of the Maat Foundation, also called on the international community to stand by Saudi Arabia against this terrorist act, and to fully solidify with the Kingdom in its war against terrorism against all those who target its security and stability, and to strengthen efforts aimed at eliminating acts of violence and consolidating peace rules in the region.

Aqil stressed the need for a firm international stand towards Iran and its clear support for terrorist groups and militias, especially in the Middle East region. The head of Maat Foundation affirmed that this terrorist operation is a dangerous escalation by a terrorist militia that uses Iranian weapons to strike civilians and terrorize the safe, and calls for the need to confront the Iranian threat towards the state of Saudi Arabia through its terrorist arm, the "Houthis".

Aqeel pointed out that the Houthi group has declared, through its media outlets, its full responsibility for this terrorist act by using a "cruise" missile, which is an explicit admission of targeting civilians, which may amount to a war crime. Therefore, Maat Foundation demands special protection under international and humanitarian law. .

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