Maat condemns the attack on a group of activists with disabilities and calls on the governor of Qalyubia to investigate the incident

Maat condemns the attack on a group of activists with disabilities and calls on the governor of Qalyubia to investigate the incident
The abuse is a clear violation of the government's commitment to provide guarantees for people with disabilities to exercise their rights during the 2014 UPR


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Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights denounces the assault of Mr. Alaa Nadi, head of West Shubra El-Kheima neighborhood, against two leaders of civil society organizations with disabilities, as Mr. Osama Taya, President of Haqqi Association for Persons with Disabilities, and Mr. Abu Al-Yazid Rizk Ahmed, the head of the Shubra Al-Khaima Handicapped Association, visited the office of the head of the Shubra al-Khaimah neighborhood to discuss a community initiative related to the environment. During the visit, the neighborhood president expelled the association’s representatives and pushed one of them with a mobility disability. No. 4940 of the incident.
Noting that Haqqi Association for Persons with Disabilities is a founding member of the “Civil Society Organizations Coalition for the Universal Periodic Review”, which was established in May 2016 to follow up the implementation of Egypt's obligations to the UPR. Maat Foundation confirms that the behavior of the neighborhood president violates a set of voluntary commitments that Egypt accepted it during its second session before the UPR in 2015, including Recommendations No.
- 166-280, submitted by Venezuela and stipulating “Continue to support persons with disabilities to participate in making decisions related to their basic rights”,
- 166-281, submitted by Belarus and stipulating “To continue creating conditions for the participation of persons with disabilities in public life in the country and in decision-making in matters relating to the realization of their rights”,
- 166-282, submitted by Côte d'Ivoire and stipulates “the advancement of national bodies responsible for ensuring the protection of persons with disabilities from all forms of violations and the promotion of their full inclusion in society”
- 166-283, submitted by Kuwait and stating “Increasing the opportunities for expression of opinion available to persons with disabilities”,
- 166-284, submitted by Lebanon, stating the "continuation of efforts aimed at guaranteeing the rights of persons with disabilities and improving their integration into society."

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