Maat condemns the killing of citizens on the basis of religious identity and calls for international measures to be taken to confront the phenomenon of terrorism

Maat condemns the killing of citizens on the basis of religious identity and calls for international measures to be taken to confront the phenomenon of terrorism

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights expresses its strong condemnation of the despicable terrorist events that targeted a group of people of the homeland who paid their blood on the basis of the religious identity that led to the displacement of a large number of Christian residents of El-Arish, in one of the chapters of the ongoing terrorist war against the Egyptian state.

The Foundation stresses that the frequency of events and their historical context in the past four years prove beyond any doubt that Egypt, with all its institutions and national forces, is facing a war of existence with organizations that have chosen violence, terrorism, extremism and intimidation as a way to hijack the nation and implement a satanic scheme targeting the fate of the nation, its present and its future, and those organizations insist on That the Egyptian people pay the price for their democratic and political choices against the groups that traded in religion and tried to change the identity of Egyptian society before the glorious June 30 revolution, and that these groups could not be confronted and defeated unless each party assumed its national and moral responsibility, and stood above political differences to form a state of national alignment. The real one who is able to stand up to plans whose ultimate goal is to overthrow the homeland

 Hence, the Foundation believes that targeting Egyptian citizens on the basis of religious identity is nothing but a barbaric act outside the scope of all religions and divine messages, and from this standpoint the Foundation wishes to emphasize a number of points, including that terrorism proves every day that it is the biggest and most important challenge to achieve due respect For human rights, the Foundation believes that the international system is still unable to take a unified and strong position to confront terrorism and adopt integrated strategies to dry up political, intellectual and financial follow-up.

In the end, Maat Foundation, on a purely human rights basis, indicates that the black terrorism that Egypt and a number of countries in the region and the world suffer from to varying degrees, which has escalated greatly in recent years, represents the biggest and most dangerous challenge to respecting human rights, civil, political, economic and social, and even represents a stumbling block. In the way of achieving any real and comprehensive democratic reform, and therefore there is no substitute for taking measures of an international and global nature to confront terrorism and violence and dry up its financial, organizational and intellectual sources, and also confront countries that provide safe harbors for the accused, convicts, and those involved in supporting terrorism.

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