Maat sponsors the "Rulers of Tomorrow" model at Cairo University


Maat sponsors the "Rulers of Tomorrow" model at Cairo University

Ayman Akil: 2016 will witness the launch of Maat’s largest program to qualify young people to run for local elections

Aqeel: The Maat Program for Youth Empowerment will complement other serious initiatives, including the Presidential Program for Qualifying Young Leaders


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The speech of Professor Ayman Aqeel at the opening of the “Rulers of Tomorrow” model - for students of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Cairo University


Ladies and gentlemen

It is my pleasure to be among you today at the inauguration of an important youth initiative, which is the model of “Governors of Tomorrow,” which is being implemented by a group of distinguished student cadres that are promising.

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, of which I supervise, is one of the institutions that support and sponsor this model, and this is what I consider to be consistent with the work of Maat Foundation, which has spanned more than ten years in serving development issues in its comprehensive sense, including respecting human rights, strengthening democracy and supporting good governance.

Maat began its work in 2005, and since that date the Foundation has implemented hundreds of development activities, projects and programs in various governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

And it moved its scope of work to the Arab and international levels, so it implemented and participated in the implementation of dozens of cross-border activities, as the Foundation is keen to have a strong presence in international and regional forums in the service of development issues in Egypt,

The Maat Foundation is currently honored with the confidence of the members of the Egyptian National Network of the Analinda Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, as it held the chair of the network by election from June 2013 until June 2017.

The interest of Maat Foundation revolves around a group of issues closely related to the needs and hopes of the Egyptian people, issues that coincide with the requirements of the stage of democratic transition in Egypt following two massive popular revolutions on January 25, 2011 and June 30, 2013.

Where the Foundation is active in the areas of promoting community peace by supporting the most marginalized groups and improving their ability to access development opportunities,

Promoting democracy by raising the electoral awareness of the Egyptian citizen and following up on the various general elections to ensure their freedom and integrity,

The Foundation is also active in improving the local government system and supporting decentralization to ensure the establishment of a rational local administration system capable of fulfilling the rights of citizens and accommodating their participation in decision-making and decision-making.

In addition to the Foundation’s interest in communicating with international human rights mechanisms, which we expect to be crowned in the coming weeks, with the institution obtaining an advisory capacity in the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations.

Maat Foundation's sponsorship of the model of tomorrow's rulers comes in the context of an ambitious work program that the Foundation seeks to implement and targets youth mainly during the next five years, and this program integrates with all serious initiatives seeking to empower youth, chief among them the Young Leaders Initiative launched by the Presidency several weeks ago.

Maat Foundation's work program targeting youth is based on our deep belief that empowering youth is the main guarantee for development and for promoting community peace and building a system of good governance. Youth, by virtue of demographic facts and social reality, are the hope of this nation, its present and its future,

Therefore, Maat Foundation announces that its sponsorship of the model of tomorrow's rulers is the first in a series of initiatives that will be announced successively.

This initiative will be followed by the Foundation’s announcement in early 2016 of an ambitious program to qualify a large number of young people to run for membership in local popular councils that will have broad constitutional powers, and will be the main actor in approving public policies and local budgets, and then controlling the future of economic and social development in Egypt during Next years .

Two years ago, Maat Foundation began providing training opportunities for final-year students in colleges and scientific specializations related to the institution’s work, which is currently being applied with Helwan University, and we will endeavor during the current year to implement it with other universities.

Ladies and gentlemen

The Maat Foundation believes that civil society organizations are a major partner in the "national issue", and therefore we strive with everything we can to implement initiatives based on this belief, and complement any sincere and patriotic efforts to confront the challenges that Egypt faces at the current stage,

Civil society is not an opponent of the state, nor should it be so. Rather, the state’s failure to meet its challenges, God forbid, will cause great harm to civil society.

In the end, allow me to extend my thanks and appreciation to the young people who are involved in this distinguished activity, and I also thank you for your honorable presence and I conclude my words with a verse

The Moroccan leader Allal Al-Fassi sang it, addressing the youth as an encouragement and an encouragement to them

..And all difficult for young people underestimate this is how men will be ..

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

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