Maat continues publishing its series of publications on illegal immigration

 Maat continues publishing its series of publications on illegal immigration

Okeil: We recommend the creation of a regional forum to coordinate action against illegal migration in Africa

Pasha: The role of civil society should be encouraged to be part of the solution at sub-national levels

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights continues publishing its series of research publications on illegal migration. These studies focus on the phenomenon of illegal migration from a development perspective that is referenced in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as case studies at the regional and international level.

The second focus of the analytical studies, entitled:From Africa to Europe ... illegal immigration in Africa and the politics of dealing with it.; On presenting the issue of illegal migration in Africa, its causes and ways to deal with it from a development perspective. It also tracked the published statistics on illegal migration from Africa to Europe, especially through the North African countries.

The study also touched on the direct and indirect effects of armed conflicts on the continent on illegal immigration, in terms of their contribution to the exacerbation of the phenomenon and increasing its danger to vulnerable groups, and the results of that from the increasing rates of child recruitment and human trafficking in all its forms.

It also dealt with how the African Union deals with the problem of illegal immigration through the "framework for migration policy in Africa", and the most prominent challenges related to the implementation of the African Union plans directly related to sustainable development to combat the evolution of the phenomenon.

In this context, Ayman Akil stated: The head of Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights said the lack of data is a serious obstacle to effective management of illegal migration in Africa. Aqeel recommended the establishment of a regional forum to coordinate monitoring, research and information exchange. It recognizes the migration policy framework in Africa, and focuses on the collection and analysis of national and regional migration data.

The human rights expert added that this forum should focus on developing feasible policies based on approaches to respecting human rights, pursuing social integration and promoting sustainable development goals.

Abdulrahman Pasha, director of the research team at the African Affairs and Sustainable Development Unit at the Maat Foundation, said that there is a need to encourage and support the roles of civil society in Africa to participate in discussions and to be part of solving this problem by strengthening communication between governments and stakeholders at sub-national levels.

Pasha recommended that mechanisms should be created to integrate illegal immigration solutions into strategies at the local level of police, judiciary and other policy sectors.

It is worth noting that this analytical series on the phenomenon of illegal immigration aims to shed light on the problem and come up with recommendations for decision-makers and stakeholders at the regional and international levels.


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