Maat continues to monitor the electoral process on the second day of the second phase

MAAT It continues to monitor the electoral process on the second day of the second phase

Elections Observatory of the Maat Foundation The most prominent observations are the late arrival of judges with a number of committees and the direction of voters

The turnout in the early hours of the day is lower than that of yesterday ... and the insurance procedures are still good


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Press release

At 10.45 in the morning of November 23, 2015

In the context of its follow-up to the second phase of the parliamentary elections, the Maat Foundation local observers teams deployed to the targeted constituencies for the second day in a row, amounting to 94 electoral districts in ten governorates, which constitute about 92% from the second phase of the Egyptian parliamentary elections.

According to the field observations of the monitoring team, the army and police forces continue to tighten security control over all electoral commissions very well, and some insurance officers have been seen deporting some people from in front of the committees wearing shirts bearing pictures of the candidates and also deporting some of the candidates' campaign members who help the voters. They had knowledge of their electoral committees in order to advertise their candidates, and the most prominent facts were the following:

1- Cairo Governorate / Coast District - Ahmed Orabi School Committee - The insurance forces dispersed electoral campaigning in front of the committee, upon the judge's request.

2- Damietta / First District Damietta / Kafr Hamido School, which witnessed the security forces removing the candidate’s banners, Muhammad Hassan Dawood’s march in front of the committee and deporting the candidate’s delegates during the assistant voters to extract committee numbers

With regard to the arrival of members of the judicial bodies supervising the polling stations, we have monitored the regularity of the arrival process in most polling locations, with limited exceptions that witnessed the judge being late in reaching the committee for periods ranging from 10 minutes to 50 minutes after the official date set for the start of the voting process, and the most prominent of these observations were: -

1- Qaliubiya / Shebin / Shebin El Qanater Secondary School for Girls / Committee 7 and 8 / Polling began in the 8th committee at ten o'clock, because the judge's arrival was late.

2- Cairo Governorate / Al-Matareya District: Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Military Secondary School for Boys - Committees No. 45, 46, 47 and 48

3- Delay in opening the committees due to the late arrival of judges until 9:45 am, Dakahlia Governorate - Talkha and Nabarouh District - Saad Al-Sherbiny School - Committee No. 107, the committee was not opened until 9:30 a.m. due to the absence of the head of the committee.

As for opening the committees, reports were received that some of the committees were late in opening their doors beyond the official deadline, with periods ranging from 10 to 45 minutes, and the most prominent observations were as follows: -

  1. Dakahlia Governorate - Belqas District - Manshah Besendilah Preparatory School - The committees were opened at 9:30
  2. Gharbia Governorate / Mahalla Center District / Mahallah Abu Ali Primary School / Committee 6: The committee was opened at 9:15.
  3. Menoufia / Al-Bagour / Kamal El-Shazly Preparatory School / Committee No. 11 / The opening of the committee was delayed until 10:00
  4. Cairo Governorate / Al-Zaytoun District: Kadhim Akha School - Committees No. 4, 5, 6, and 7 - The opening of the committees was delayed due to the late arrival of judges until 9:20 am.

In terms of electoral turnout during the first hour and a half of the second polling day, it was noticed that turnout was lower than the average in a large number of committees, especially in Port Said, Cairo, Dakahlia and Sharkia governorates, and much less than yesterday.

The conduct of the electoral process until the issuance of this statement did not witness serious violations except for the supporters of some candidates directing the voters to vote for their candidate. The most important of these facts are:

1- Dakahlia Governorate - Talkha and Nabarouh District, Saad Al-Sherbiny Industrial School - There are electoral claims before the committees in favor of "candidate Gamal Abdel-Zahir" and "candidate Ibrahim Abdel-Moneim."

2- Menoufia / Shebin El-Kom / Preparatory School for Boys / Candidate Mustafa Sahfan's advertisement in front of the electoral headquarters

3- Cairo Governorate / Al-Matareya District: Imam Ali bin Abi Talib Primary School - The agents and supporters of the candidate Atef Al-Ashmouni wore T-shirts that were written on the back (Independence Stream) and on the front the candidate’s name, photo, number and electoral symbol, and they distributed propaganda papers to the voters.

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