Maat issues the "Lens of Terrorist Operations in Africa" report for April 2020

Aqeel: The rise in armed violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo again requires more international support

Pasha: We appreciate the efforts of the State of Chad in combating terrorism last April

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights issued its third report on the most prominent terrorist operations and efforts to combat terrorism in the African continent for the month of April 2020, to track the path of terrorist groups and come up with recommendations and assessments of the current and future security situation on the African continent.

The report dealt with the details of the most prominent of those operations that took place in April in each of the five regions of the continent, which occurred in 14 African countries, with 47 terrorist attacks, and caused the death of at least 409 people, while Boko Haram was at the forefront. The groups that caused the largest numbers of victims.

The report stated that the region most affected is West Africa, with 166 victims, or about 40.58% of the total number of victims for the month, as a result of 12 terrorist operations announced in 5 countries. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is at the forefront of countries affected by terrorism, and 114 people, or about 27.87%, were killed in the month, after 8 terrorist operations. While the country of Chad came in the forefront of the countries that managed to bring down the largest number of terrorist elements, including more than a thousand.

Ayman Aqeel stated; The head of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, that there is a need to intensify local and international efforts in the Central African region to stop terrorist groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in which armed violence has returned again after it subsided for several months, since the presidential elections last year. On the other hand, Akil added that Al-Shabaab’s operations in Somalia are increasing dramatically, until it reached 18 terrorist operations this month. This necessitates the need for the African Union to direct more military support through the AMISOM forces.

And Abdul Rahman Pasha valued; Senior researcher in the African Affairs and Sustainable Development Unit of the Foundation, the declared efforts made by the State of Chad in combating terrorism, which resulted in 1,000 people from them. He recommended “Pasha” for more coordination with the state of Chad in joint operations to confront Boko Haram in Lake Chad and West Africa in general.

It is worth noting that the continent of Africa comes within the interest of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, as it is a member of the General Assembly in the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union, as well as the North Africa region coordinator in the group of major African NGOs affiliated to the high-level political forum of the United Nations.


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