Maat issues the second issue of "The Parliament"


Maat issues the second issue of "The Parliament"

Do discussions arise about the amendment of personal status? And media and press organizationsMore black olives?


Issued Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) Its second weekly issue "Parliament olive", Which monitored what Parliament has accomplished in issues related to the 2014 UPR recommendations over the past week between 3-9 November 2016.

Where the Foundation had launched its latest periodical under the title “Parliament olive”, Which is represented in a simplified analytical newsletter that seeks to assess the parliament’s role in light of the link between this role and Egypt's pledges emanating from the 2014 UPR recommendations, by following up on the legislative institution’s role in fulfilling human rights obligations and the actions taken by Parliament in this regard.

It is worth noting that last week did not witness the emergence of any olives, while signs of what might result in the emergence of black olives were evident during the Parliament's discussion of amending the Personal Status Law promulgated by Decree No. 25 of 1929 added to Law 100 of 1985, which sparked a lot of controversy among those interested. With regard to children and family affairs, especially in light of his violation of the constitution and international covenants, by setting the age of childhood at 15 years. This was the case with the approval of the Culture and Information Committee on the media and press organizations bill, which has not been subject to a community debate so far.

On the other hand, the Parliament's qualitative committees discussed the draft consumer protection law, in addition to completing the consideration of the observations of the community dialogue on the draft law on the rights of persons with disabilities, which was subject to an extensive community debate in October 2016, which may result in green olives, and the parliament tree did not bear fruit. Feasible during the past week, as the branches, branches and trunk of the parliamentary tree were filled with 18 requests for briefing, 6 proposals for laws, 4 questions, 3 proposals for laws, 3 urgent statements, and an interrogation, but all this “vegetative growth” has not turned into fruits yet, The next few days may be judged by the color and taste of the olives that will come out, whether they are green or black.

For the details of what the deputies have done in these and other cases:Arrow


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