Maat issues its report on the conditions of people with disabilities in Turkey

Maat issues its report on the conditions of people with disabilities in Turkey

Aqil: The Turkish government flouts its international obligations

"No one lives free from disability" is a slogan used by the World Health Organization, which has become a postulate in the intellectual, moral and legal system. None of us can remain isolated from disability, and thus disability or disability is a collective issue, as everyone is vulnerable to infection either in A person with a disability or a member of his family, as a person with disability faces various restrictions and obstacles when performing his normal life functions at some point in his life, especially when he is stabbed to be old.

All the monotheistic religions and international legislations and covenants have affirmed that the issue of disability and the care of persons with it must receive attention.

This called for the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) and in the context of its interest in promoting human rights, especially for the most vulnerable groups, to the necessity of issuing this report in conjunction with the Turkish government being subject to review before the 21st session of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities..

By reviewing the Turkish file on the rights of persons with disabilities, the Turkish government showed disregard and lack of commitment to its international obligations, and this report provides a monitoring of many of the grave violations that persons with disabilities face in Turkey, which intensified after the failed coup in 2016, including the physical barriers that transform Without access to public facilities, torture and other forms of ill-treatment, in addition to the obstacles that prevent them from accessing them remain in the labor market, and their lack of social support.

Maat presented recommendations to the Turkish government as follows: To expedite actual measures that ensure the implementation of legislation protecting the rights of people with disabilities, and to ensure that all persons with disabilities enjoy the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention because of their political views, and that the Turkish government takes concrete measures to prevent Future human rights violations inside prisons must be held accountable.

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The wasted rights of people with disabilities in Turkey

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