Maat issues a new paper entitled "Improving Legislation and Procedures to Advance Corporate Social Responsibility"

 Maat issues a new paper entitled “Improving legislation and procedures to advance corporate social responsibility.

The paper recommends raising the tax exemption limit directed to social responsibility and calls on companies to define a comprehensive vision about the societal role

Issued Public Policy Analysis and Human Rights Unit Foundation Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) New Policy Analysis Paper entitled Improving legislation and procedures to advance corporate social responsibility This paper comes within the framework of the unit’s interest in the recommendations that were presented to Egypt in light of the universal periodic review and the Egyptian government's position on the recommendations and in light of the institution’s implementation of the project “The Universal Periodic Review as a Tool for Improving Public Policies during the Transition ", Funded by the European Union during 2016-2017, the Foundation focused on shedding light on this issue by presenting legislative and procedural proposals and recommendations to the bodies entrusted with social responsibility to help them fulfill their role in the development of the Egyptian state.

Are dealing with the paper The issue is through a number of axes, the first of which is an explanation of the concept of social responsibility and the relevant international efforts, then corporate social responsibility in Egypt. In the third axis, the paper dealt with the constitutional, legislative and human rights frameworks that regulate corporate responsibility towards society, and in the last axis the paper presented some recommendations for the advancement of corporate social responsibility.

      It was concluded the paper On top of it comes a set of recommendations Setting comprehensive legislation for corporate social responsibility that regulates corporate spending in accordance with the state’s plan to develop society, thus helping to bridge deficiencies in some sectors such as health and education.

Also recommended the paper By raising the tax exemption limit to 20 % of the annual net profit value in return for directing it to social activities by amending Article 15 of the Investment Law and Article 23, Clause 8 of the Income Tax Law.

As she demanded the paper The companies need for the company to define a clear vision towards the social role that it wants to adopt and the main issue that will be concerned with working to contribute to addressing it, allocating a dedicated official for this activity and determining the goals and required plans.


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