Maat issues a new paper entitled "A New Vision for Improving the Conditions of the Disabled in Egypt"

Maat issues a new paper entitled “A new vision to improve the conditions of the handicapped in Egypt ”

Adoption of a unified law for people with disabilities, and the adoption of the media on their issues, the most prominent recommendations

Issued by the Foundation for Policy Analysis Unit Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) New Policy Analysis Paper entitled “A new vision for the situation of the disabled in EgyptThis paper comes under interest.Public Policy Analysis and Human Rights Unit“The Foundation has drafted a paper that talks about the importance of developing unified legislation for people with disabilities in line with the Egyptian constitution. This paper comes within the framework of the institution’s implementation of a project.”The Universal Periodic Review as a tool for improving public policies during the transition period“, Funded by the European Union during the period 2016-2017.

The paper presented a quick presentation of the conditions of people with disabilities, which Egypt is one of the countries in the world with in terms of disability rate among its society, where the percentage of disabled people is from 10% to 12% m. The paper dealt with the constitutional, legal and human rights frameworks governing and regulating the disabled, and then the problems facing people with disabilities at the level of legislation Political participation, public facilities and transportation, as well as poor community education.

The paper dealt with the most prominent problems resulting from inclusive legislation for persons with disabilities, which are represented in the failure to integrate disability issues into the core of development policies and in plans to achieve the Millennium Goals and strategies to combat poverty.

The paper also noted the lack of societal awareness of the issues of the disabled, which has led to the disabled suffering from the problem of acceptance into the family community. Especially since the family often rejects the disabled member as a result of the absence and neglect of human rights issues in general and in particular the issue of people with disabilities, which is completely absent from the media attention visible, readable and audible in terms of presenting their case and raising community awareness of its importance and spreading a culture that accepts them and integrates them, which also led to The persistence of the phenomenon of disparagement of the disabled, and the limited spread of the concepts of right, participation, empowerment and inclusion.

The paper concluded with a set of recommendations, the most important of which is the Parliament's adoption of a comprehensive law for people with disabilities, provided that the law adheres to the principle of positive discrimination for a specific period of time, with the adoption of equality and non-discrimination against the handicapped. Assigning a legal committee in all branches of the Bar Association, to be competent to defend the rights of people with disabilities, and to apply materials on how to investigate them, and to treat them during detention or punish them in prisons. And to provide a legal aid or interpreter of his sign, as necessary, to ensure the right of defense for people with disabilities.

The paper calls on civil society organizations to play their role in adopting the integration of persons with disabilities into society by establishing the concept of the disabled person's ability to participate and his right to participate in it, with the aim of emphasizing the responsibility of the state, society and the family in addressing disability issues.

The paper also called on the media to adopt the issues of persons with disabilities in order to speed up their integration into society through continuous awareness programs in all print, audio and visual media.

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