Maat expresses its concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Southern Sudan


Aqeel: Approximately 8.3 million South Sudanese are in need of emergency humanitarian aid

Basant Essam: We call for providing for the families of victims of wars and conflicts and protecting them from poverty and hunger

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights is following with great concern the humanitarian situation in Southern Sudan, especially the repercussions of hunger and poverty as the most serious challenges that the Government of Southern Sudan has ever faced. Although it is considered one of the world's richest countries in oil, the economic situation has turned in an opposite direction that is completely inconsistent with the rich resources enjoyed by South Sudan, as it ranks 157 out of 194 of the global economies.

Maat Foundation fears persist about the state of resumption of the state of security chaos and splits that the country has witnessed since 2013, with the continued military confrontations between the armed opposition and the government army, which impedes the proper achievement of the peace agreement, not to mention the economic sanctions imposed on it.

Between waves of displacement of more than 4 million people to neighboring countries, and other waves of floods and torrents that struck the country last year, more than a million people were affected by either displacement or disease, epidemics and food insecurity, and those successive crises resulted in the exposure of about 7 million People will go hungry, and the situation is expected to worsen during the current year 2021.

In this regard, “Ayman Aqil,” President of Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, warned of an imminent humanitarian disaster in southern Sudan, as there are approximately 8.3 million people in need of humanitarian aid, including 314,000 refugees and asylum seekers. The human rights expert indicated that the Covid 19 epidemic crisis, along with insecurity, resulted in a steady increase in the number of people in need by one million people.

Akil recommended the international and regional parties to join hands to increase humanitarian aid in the coming period for the people of South Sudan.

The "Basant Essam El Din" indicated; The researcher at the African Affairs and Sustainable Development Unit at the institution, to the human suffering that vulnerable groups in South Sudanese society are subjected to, especially the woman who has the task of providing for her family, and resorting in many cases to arduous work that does not equal the price of effort, but the families fully protect the evil of hunger and need in Under the humanitarian crisis and the departure of their husbands due to the war.

The researcher called on the Government of Southern Sudan to compensate the families of the victims of the armed conflict and to intensify efforts to support the affected families and the vulnerable and marginalized groups.

It is worth noting that South Sudan and the continent of Africa come within the interest of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, as it is a member of the General Assembly in the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union, and also has observer status in the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, as well as the North African region coordinator in the group of organizations The largest non-governmental organization in Africa of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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