Maat appeals to the Minister of Health to intervene to save the lives of 200 patients with kidney failure at Armant Central Hospital in Luxor

Maat appeals to the Minister of Health to intervene to save the lives of 200 patients with kidney failure at Armant Central Hospital in Luxor

Patients die daily due to equipment failure, power cuts and gross negligence from the hospital administration

Patients with kidney failure who receive regular dialysis sessions at Armant Central Hospital in Luxor live a daily tragedy, which sometimes reaches exposing their lives to real danger during the dialysis sessions, as Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights received multiple complaints from the families and families of patients and received detailed information from some of the stakeholders Those who follow the problem indicate that the matter reached a verified disaster on Monday, September 18, 2017 that almost killed a number of patients.

Where the people were surprised by the power cuts to the hospital at the height of the dialysis session for 19 patients, and the disaster was that the generators were idle as a result of gross negligence from the hospital administration and the absence of oversight from the Luxor Health Directorate, which exposed some patients to blood clots and almost claimed their lives.

The families called for help and wrote a report on the incident at the Armant Police Department, but they were surprised that the department force that went to the hospital treated the patients 'families in a rude and inappropriate manner. Rather, the matter came to accompanying some of the patients' families in the police car to convert them from victims to perpetrators in a clear violation of police norms. In an act that appeared to be the bias of the officer supervising the force to the management of the hospital and indifference to the lives of patients at risk.

According to the testimonies of parents and concerned people, the dialysis unit at Armant Central Hospital serves about 200 patients with kidney failure, and only 19 devices are available, most of them are old and worn out and the most recent of which dates back to 2007, and it is permanently damaged due to the absence of maintenance and gross negligence, and the electricity is constantly cut off and generators Not available, as well as not having a resident

Maat Foundation reminds that the right to health and the provision of health care was the subject of a number of universal periodic review recommendations that were accepted by the Egyptian government in March 2015, so the Foundation appeals to the Minister of Health to intervene quickly before a disaster in the hospital, and the Major General appealed to the Minister of Interior to investigate the conduct of officers The police force that intervened in the incident in the Armant police station with bias against the people in favor of the hospital administration, accused of negligence, and unlawfully taking a number of patients' families to the police station.

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