Maat discusses (types of intelligence) with the families of prisoners and detainees, and (creative thinking) with their children during the days of social families in Al-Azhar Park

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights organized three social days for (185) families of prisoners and detainees in the areas targeted by the project (Integrated Protection for the Families of Prisoners and Detainees) at the level of Cairo and Giza governorates, namely (Atfih and Al Maasara - Dar Al Salam, Al Basateen and Al Khalifa - Ambae and Bulaq). Social families to be an outlet for the families and children of the families of prisoners and detainees in different areas, and also to contain a simplified dose of educational and skill issues and games with multiple goals and purposes to develop skills and abilities. The families' days contained discussions between children, trainers and social workers about creativity and different ways to solve life's problems and how celebrities created and added new opportunities to life. Types of intelligences Effective discussions between mothers, coaches and psychologists were to know the types of their children's intelligence and to know their tendencies and how to support their children. Society to provide more psychological and educational support for these families and organize more events for them to restore to them what they lost of their rights, a competency marginalized by society that is punished for a sin they did not commit much, much marginalization, abuse and negative discrimination.

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