Maat and the Egyptian Cartoon Festival are organizing a competition and exhibition for the UPR

Headed by artist Yasser Jeissah

Maat and the Egyptian Cartoon Festival are organizing a competition and exhibition for the UPR

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Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights, in cooperation with the Egyptian Cartoon Association, launched a comics competition and exhibition under the title “UPR Feather”, with the aim of encouraging artists to shed light on a range of human rights issues that the Egyptian government pledged to work on during the second cycle of the UPR.

It is expected that the cooperation between Maat and the Egyptian Cartoon Association will encourage a distinguished group of cartoonists to participate in the competition, as a tripartite committee headed by artist Yasser Geisa will judge the submitted artworks, and the open competition on October 8, 2017 will present a set of encouraging prizes to the top ten centers.

It is worth noting that all eligible works will be presented to the public through an exhibition that will last for two days and will be organized in one of the Egyptian cultural centers, provided that participation in the exhibition is open to Egyptian, Arab and foreign artists, where the opening ceremony will witness the distribution of prizes to the winners of the competition.

The Universal Periodic Review is an international mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council to which all member states are subject to every four years. It includes the submission of reports on the human rights situation, upon which recommendations are made to the concerned state that it is committed to implementing what it has accepted between the two review cycles. During the second session of the UPR, Egypt adopted its final report, which includes 300 recommendations, from which the Egyptian state accepted 247 fully and partially, and took note of 29 additional recommendations, which are the pledges that the competition and exhibition seek to shed light on through artistic works dealing with anti-corruption issues. Child and family rights, combating violence against women, promoting freedom of expression and other human rights issues.

Conditions for participation in the competition and how to apply are available at the following link:


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