Sanhoot Hospital ... the people have borne its cost and the Ministry of Health neglects to operate it

Sanhoot Hospital ... the people have borne its cost and the Ministry of Health neglects to operate it

Maat appeals to the Ministry of Health to provide medical staff to the hospital and to support popular efforts in respect of the right to health


As part of the follow-up of Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights to the extent of commitment to implement the commitments of the Egyptian government emanating from the recommendations of the universal periodic review (March 2015), and on the level of recommendations related to health rights, the Foundation monitored the complaint of citizens of the village of Sanhout of the Minya al-Qamh Center in Sharkia governorate about the lack of Medical teams to manage and operate the hospital, which was built and equipped with the self-help efforts of the people of the village.

It is worth noting that the village of Senhout is one of the largest villages in the Minya al-Qamh district. According to demographic estimates, the population of the village of Sanhout and its suburbs is approximately 100,000 people, who were served by a small and unequipped health unit.

The Maat Foundation followed up the problem by communicating with a number of citizens, civil organizations and those concerned with health affairs in Sanhout village, Minya al-Qamh center, and Sharkia governorate, where the following was found: - 

1- The people built and built an integrated hospital with a modern architectural level and equipped it with the latest modern medical devices, with more than 5 million pounds, and the process of building and equipping with the knowledge of the people took about 12 years (2004-2016).

2- The Ministry of Health had announced the operation of the hospital and its opening in mid-March 2017, according to statements attributed to officials in the ministry, and this was already done through one of the ministry officials

3- After the opening was completed, the parents were surprised that doctors were not available in most specialties, and that most of the hospital equipment that the families bear was completely unexploited, and that what is provided through the hospital is limited services and through inadequate medical staff, and these services do not differ from those provided by any A poor health unit in any other village.

4- The people believe that their great contribution to building and equipping the hospital was wasted, and that the Ministry of Health did not respond to their initiative with the attention it deserves, and although they saved the state millions of pounds in building and equipping, officials in the ministry did not play their role in providing doctors and human resources To take advantage of buildings and fixtures 

5- Maat Foundation contacted the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Eastern Province, who confirmed that the main reason for delaying the operation of the hospital is to wait for the medical calibration of the hospital's equipment and laboratories to comply with the standards approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Maat Foundation notes that the Egyptian government has accepted several recommendations related to respecting the right to health and strengthening spending on related services, including the one submitted by Iran, which stipulates “intensifying efforts aimed at realizing economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to health,” and the recommendation. Submitted by Uzbekistan, which stipulated “Continue efforts aimed at ensuring universal access to quality education and health care,” and the recommendation submitted by Turkmenistan which stipulated “Strengthening efforts to support women's social rights, such as the right to education and health,” and finally the recommendation submitted by Brunei Dar Al-Salaam, which stipulated "the continuation of efforts aimed at ensuring the empowerment of women in the economic, health and social fields, including the integration of women, as well as establishing women's health centers in order to ensure the promotion and protection of women's rights in the country."

Maat also mentioned that the Egyptian Constitution stipulates in Article 18 that (Every citizen has the right to health and to integrated health care in accordance with quality standards, and the state guarantees the preservation of public health services facilities that provide services to the people, support them, and work to raise their efficiency and equitable geographical spread.

In light of this, the Maat Foundation appeals to the Minister of Health to direct the provision of the necessary and sufficient medical staff to operate all Sanhoot Hospital facilities and services, and to work on the proper selection of these staffs in cooperation with medical colleges and university hospitals whose cadres can be used.

The Maat Foundation also indicates that the government’s role in supporting grassroots initiatives related to the development of health services will lead to an increase in these initiatives and their geographical and sectoral spread, and will reduce the burden on the state’s general budget.


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