Appeal and statement to sign

Appeal and statement to sign

Gentlemen / heads and officials of Egyptian NGOs

                                                 good greeting …,

In the context of its endeavor to use all legal and legitimate means to object to the NGO law recently approved by the law, and in view of the clear contradiction between the law on one side and both the constitution and Egypt's international obligations on the other side, Maat Foundation proposes to you to issue a collective statement from the largest possible number of organizations The Egyptian government is serious and active to demand that the President of the Republic use his constitutional powers in Article 123 of the Constitution and to object to the law and its return to the House of Representatives, as well as the need to open a real societal dialogue about the law before it is issued.

If you agree to the statement and wish to sign, please send us your consent via email  [email protected]

Or signature via the attached form

Explaining the full legal name of the organization and the name of the legal representative, noting that the statement will be issued collectively and will not be attributed to a specific organization

Dear colleagues ... Based on the comments and amendments made by some colleagues, the statement has been drafted once again in its final form .. Attached to you is the statement and awaiting confirmation of the signatures and approval for publication.


Statement from ... organization

We call on the president to use Article 123 of the constitution and to object to the Associations Law

Organizations: We look forward to meeting the president as the arbiter between the authorities

The undersigned organizations appeal to the President of the Republic to object to the NGO Law that was finally approved by Parliament and referred it to the President of the Republic on the evening of Tuesday, November 29, 2016, without proposing a real and multilateral societal dialogue, and without even waiting for the government's own opinion or comments on the law.

The organizations assert that some articles of the law have completely emptied the text of Article 75 of the Egyptian Constitution of its content, and violated the constitutional guarantees of the freedom of Egyptian citizens to establish and manage civil organizations.

In addition, a good number of articles of the law contradicted Egypt's international obligations stemming from its ratification of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as its pledges before the universal periodic review mechanism in March 2015.

The organizations appeal to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, as an arbiter among the authorities, to use his constitutional powers stipulated in Article 123 of the Constitution, which allow him to object to laws and return them to the House of Representatives, to stop issuing this flawed law that eliminates hundreds or even thousands of serious civil organizations that provide services It is a task for Egyptian citizens, and the organizations stress the need not to issue this law without a community dialogue that takes into account the visions and proposals of all national stakeholders.

The signatory organizations are appealing to you, Mr. President, to do justice to the national civil society and for your intervention to be a victory for your convictions in a society that shares your concerns and interests, and understands the challenges facing the Egyptian state. Thousands of associations and national institutions, which are institutions that not only serve the goals of development in Egypt, but also create thousands of job opportunities without bearing the state budget anything.

We support the state's right and duty towards its citizens and its national security to regulate the mechanism of work and financing of civil society organizations, but the law did not do that, but rather put obstacles on funding and not oversight and put many obstacles to implementation even after the approval of the funding, and then put many and many penalties on activities that are mainly carried out Voluntarily.

Also, your Excellency does not conceal that the current text of the law contains a clear conflict in its texts, and we believe that you will sign a conflicting legal text in its articles and your hips in its drafting.

In conclusion, we are waiting to receive a generous invitation from your Excellency to representatives of civil society organizations of all spectrums and interests, to convey to you our full view of the law, and our vision for truly integrative and participatory action with state agencies on the ground of respect for the constitution and the law.

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