From Africa to Europe .. illegal immigration in Africa and the policies of dealing with it


The continent of Africa suffers from the phenomenon of illegal immigration largely internally - between the countries of the continent - and externally to the Gulf countries and Europe. As this phenomenon spreads in most African countries; For the aspirations of its members towards a better development of their lives. And it is not possible to rely on the economic conditions only as a motivation for Africans to migrate, but there are other reasons that have pushed them to leave their homelands and endure the difficulties of the illegal immigration experience, despite the dangers of its roads. The political conditions, conflict, violence and dictatorship afflicting Africa are driving its people to flee, regardless of the consequences.

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights presents this analytical paper as an overview of the issue of illegal migration in Africa, its causes and ways to deal with it.

Report on illegal immigration in Africa
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