Confronting # Corona ... should not discourage states from respecting human rights

At a time when the number of deaths on the African continent, due to the # Covid-19 virus, has exceeded the one hundred seventy deaths, and eighteen African countries have declared a total or partial curfew, and thirty-one countries have closed their borders, some countries may take arbitrary measures to implement that ban.

For example, the strict enforcement of bans by police in # South Africa prompted the firing of rubber bullets at citizens trying to flee after being caught walking on the streets during the ban. While police in # Kenya used tear gas to disperse people at a ferry crossing near the port city of Mombasa.

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights believes that it may be understood that some countries want the virus to recede and prevent its spread, but that requires a high degree of restraint, and the rest of the # maintains human rights and not only a right to health, especially in light of these exceptional circumstances. The Foundation also calls, without a doubt, African citizens to shoulder their responsibility towards their societies and respect the measures taken to protect everyone.

# Maat_africa365Day

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